Critter Profile: Randy!

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Critter Profile: Randy!



Individual Name: Randy

Species: Shadow Wolf

Primary Caretaker: Terrestrial Team, Frederick Martin

Diet: Fresh venison

Housed: Wilson Wildlife Center, Enclosure 50

Condition: Retreat-razor clam ku tangled xe hermitage bloom shoo surround se mantis humid grudge lampoon

Creature Features!

Randy is a character in the magical game we have! And he exists in reality. Some people might think "Did Wilson play too many games that they went crazy?"! But it's true!

This is because Randy can go back and forth between the game world and the real world. And he can even bring items from the real world back into the game world. But be careful, because it seems that once he brings it into the game world, he can't bring it back to reality ever again! According to the game's electronic manual, the game uses a specification called "Borderline Heterodimensional Projection System". (We have no idea how it works though!)


Frontal shot of Randy right after he came out of the game. Very thin!

When Randy comes out into the real world, he's a thin, black mass that looks like a 3D polygon compressed into 2D. The lump crumbles and melts, spreading out like a shadow on the ground. Then, statues of various wolf figures appear right above it.


Randy letting out a shadow.

Actually, it seems that the wolf statue that looks like the main body is the "shadow" and the black flat body on the ground is Randy's main body. (It's really confusing! Even the caretaker Frederick is often confused.) By the way, the "shadow" is like a hologram and cannot be touched.

▶ Open chat log.

▶ Join the conversation.

▶ Check the progress.

Another feature is that when Randy comes to the real world, he can create a "chat window" in the air. Randy can't talk, so he has to use a window to communicate. He communicates as if using a chat.



The start screen of the strange game "Black Wolf".

I forgot to tell the story about the time I met Randy!

That day, Frederick was in his office, dealing with prank emails that had been sent to his laptop. Mixed in with those was an email that he couldn't delete, with the subject line "To Those of You Who Are Allies Against Animals". When Frederick opened the email, a game called "Black Wolf" was suddenly downloaded and the start screen began.

Frederick is earnest, so he didn't start the game and tried to close it. But it doesn't respond even when he presses various buttons, and he couldn't even turn off the computer. In the meantime, this message came up.

I'm starving… Is there anyone here?

When Frederick saw this, he fearfully pressed the Enter key to start the game. At the same time, Randy manifested in the game and said to Frederick who was standing in front of the screen.

You look delicious

When Frederick saw it, he reflexively folded up the computer and put it to sleep. He then cautiously opened the computer along with several members of Wilson who had hurriedly gathered around.

Press the ESC key to unpause.

We found out later that you can "pause" the game after it starts by putting it to sleep or pressing the ESC key. After that, Randy came out and tried to attack the personnel, but he was able avoid the attack without any problem by pressing the ESC key and pausing. A lot has happened since then but it's a long story, so I'll explain later! Anyway, this is how Wilson and Randy met.

Special Needs and Accommodations!

It seems that foods doesn't exist in the game. Apparently he doesn't need to eat to survive, but he still gets hungry.

That's why Randy prefers to hunt and eat deer in the real world. However, Randy's method of hunting is unique. He makes a bunch of "shadows" appear and surround the deer, while he stays put and wait. When a deer is right on top of him, he bites off a limb in an instant to make sure it can't move, then hunts it down. Afterwards, he brings it into the game world and eat. It's dangerous to get involved, so be careful!

As for accommodation, an enclosure is set aside, so you can use to play the game and interact with Randy. He can just walk around the office, but the supervisors wouldn't let him. Instead, they provided us with a specially constructed cage that is indestructible, so we're using it with many thanks! We're very grateful.

Journey with Randy!

Edit 2025/8/25: When we learned that we could avoid attacks from Randy by pausing, we tried to interact with him.

<Chat Log>

Randy: Ugh, why can't I get a hit…

Frederick joined the conversation via voice chat.

Randy: Who the hell are you?

Frederick: Hi Randy. I'm Frederick. I'm the one right in front of you!

Randy: That's my shadow. I can't believe that I can't finish off someone who doesn't even know that.

Frederick: Oh, is that right? Well, let's talk about that later. Randy, you look like you're hungry.

Randy: Yeah. I'm so hungry. I feel dizzy.

Frederick: I'm sorry, but I can't make you eat us. But I promise we'll get you different meals. That's our job.

Randy: ……… Got it. But if you're lying, I'll suck you dry to the bone!

Frederick: Okay! It's a deal! Well then, I'll hurry up and get ready!

Frederick left the conversation.

<Chat Log>

Frederick: Sorry I kept you waiting! I've prepared your meal!

Randy: Hmph, I'm tired of waiting.

Frederick: Sorry. I thought "Because you try to eat humans, you probably like meat." So I've collected them. I hope you like it.

Randy: I don't care what it is. If you're gonna give it to me, I'm gonna take it.

Deploying Borderline Heterodimensional Projection System …… It is operating normally.
Randy returned to the game.
"Venison" was brought into the game.

Randy: Let's see…… ……………

Frederick: How is it?

Randy: ……………………

Frederick: Is it not to your liking?

Randy: …… YUM!!!

Randy seemed to like the meal we prepared for him. Especially the venison, it's his favorite! After that, he also promised not to harm us on the condition that we would prepare venison on a regular basis. I'm glad we can work things out!


Part of an actual game screen.

Edit 2025/8/26: After discussing with the supervisors, we decided on a general policy. The supervisors were to be in charge of investigating the nature and origin, while we were to be in charge of the interaction.

To learn more about Randy, we decided to play the game. It was a 2D side-scrolling action game in which you control a silhouette-like Randy. As soon as we got going, one of the members who is good at games tried to play it.

But there was a problem. There was some kind of player registration, and only Frederick could play. Randy doesn't respond to any controls other than Frederick's…… The problem was that Frederick had never played games before, and he was terrible at it! There's a part in the beginning where he has to jump over a hole just in time, but he couldn't get through it and the day ended.

Even Randy was dumbfounded. I wonder if we'll be okay going forward…

Randy: Hey human! You're too bad at this! How many times are you going to make me jump to my death?

Edit 2025/8/29: For the past few days, we've been watching the game and running the live commentary. Frederick is getting a little better, but the game itself is extremely difficult. There are a lot of quick death points, and he gets sent back to the very beginning every time he makes a mistake which is very painful.

However, the breakthrough was found from a joke that Frederick mentioned on this day. "If there's a hole, why don't we just bring a bridge from the real world and hand it to him?"… That's right! We could really do that! Why didn't we notice that? Maybe the game was balanced on the assumption that we would use it. I think we can handle this!

Randy: You're right, I hadn't thought of that… Frederick, is it? Great job, man.


Randy's "shadow" today. He decided to go white.

Edit 2025/8/31: Concurrently with the game, the work of learning more about Randy himself seems to be going well. The supervisors work late into the night every day to study the origins and nature of Randy himself. We don't know much about computers, so we're sorry to leave it to them.

In turn, our role is to make sure that Randy has a stress-free life and to communicate with him directly. On this day, we asked Randy a lot of questions while fulfilling his wish to move his body with all his strength.

<Chat Log>

Frederick: Here you go! You can move your body as much as you want here. You even have permission to hunt deer, which you've always wanted to do.

Deploying Borderline Heterodimensional Projection System …… It is operating normally.
Randy will be projected into the real world.

Randy: Are you sure about that?

Frederick: Yeah. The ecosystem in this area is in danger of collapse due to the overabundance of deer. I feel a little sorry for them, but…

Randy: No. That's not the point. Supervisors, right? How did you get their permission? The way they look at me, they're totally thinking that I'm dangerous. Well, …… I'm used to people hating me.

Frederick: I managed to do it after negotiating with them persistently. Besides, we can pause when needed. That might have been a big factor.

Randy: …… Got it. Frederick, you may not be good at the game, but you're a good guy.

Frederick: I didn't do anything to deserve your thanks. Have fun!

<Chat Log>

Randy: Phew…

Frederick: Welcome back, Randy! Did you have fun?

Deploying Borderline Heterodimensional Projection System …… It is operating normally.
Randy returned to the game
"A lot of venison" was brought in.

Randy: Yeah, it's been a while since I've felt better

Frederick: That's great! If you ever feel like moving your body again, just let me know!

Randy: Yeah. Thanks.

Frederick: ……By the way, I wanted to ask you, where are you heading, Randy? In the game, you're just progressing…

Randy: Did I not mention that? I've been separated from the pack. So I'm looking for my mates who I don't even know where they are… I don't know if I'll be able to get back to the pack once I find them though.

Frederick: Did something happen?

Randy: We just don't click… It's more like I've gone crazy myself. I'm a character in the game, right? Everyone can tell. But my pack mates don't realize that. And they say "The humans were delicious. I wanna eat them again", but for all I know,

they've never even met a human before.

You guys are the first humans I've ever seen…… Weird, huh? They don't have a will of their own, and they just say and do according to the flavor texts. I thought that was creepy. And I was hated and chased out of the pack.

Frederick: Wow, something like that really happened… ……… What do you want to do when you find the pack, Randy?

Randy: I don't know… But if I had to say, I wanna snap them out too.

Frederick: Got it, Randy! We'll do our best to help!

Randy: Thanks. …… I've been so lonely. I'm glad I met you guys.


Randy's "shadow" today. He looks a little sleepy.

Edit 2025/9/5: On this day, the supervisor's findings were share with Wilson.

According to the supervisors, Randy might be a kind of being called "Imaginanimal", a sapient life form born from the "image of the wolf as a villain".

In Europe, wolves are often portrayed as "subjects of death and fear", as in the case of werewolves. Wolves are also depicted as "big and bad" in fairy tales such as "The Three Little Pigs" and "Red Riding Hood". Wolves are often adopted as "enemy characters" in various games too. It seems that the game "Black Wolf" has been programmed with the concept by someone.

One more thing we found out by approaching the game from programmatic point of view was that Randy is an intentionally bugged being. In the end, we didn't know what the creator of the game had intended…

<Chat Log>

Randy: I heard about it, Frederick. Wolves are villains, huh…

Frederick: Were you shocked?

Randy: No? As for me, it was just a reiteration of something I've been feeling for a while. I'm not surprised.

Frederick: I was a little shocked. It is true that they are the villains in fairy tales…… The thing is, I became an animal lover when I read "Seton Animal Chronicles".

Randy: Seton Animal Chronicles?

Frederick: Yeah. One of the stories is called "Lobo, the King of Currumpaw". In the story, Lobo is also portrayed as a noble and proud king. He does attack livestock, but he's becoming a villain because it's from a human perspective. That's the image I had of the wolf in my mind…

Randy: Lobo, huh. … I'm not that proud though.

Frederick: That's not true! Even though you've been kicked out of the pack, you're still thinking about them.

Randy: I wonder… You never know, I might be only thinking about myself.

Frederick: I don't think so. …… Randy, you're actually the one who's most shocked, aren't you?

Randy: …… Ha, no way!! Now that we have that out of the way, let's get on with the game today again. Have you been practicing?


Difficult point! It took a very long time!

Edit 2025/9/12: The game has come a long way and we're already at the end! This was the stage where the red caped hunter attacks, and it was very difficult. Wilson did their best to support! We needed a bulletproof vest that could create the concept of durability, and a lot of wood for the bridge to go over the hole. We used a lot of other tools, but the most incredible part was that Frederick and Randy were in perfect sync.

From Randy's point of view, he could spot unreasonable attacks and traps from off-screen. It was as if they have a good chemistry.

<Chat Log>

Randy: Once we get past this point, the game will probably be completed. … That didn't take long.

Frederick: Right. It's a little sad too. … What will happen when the game is completed?

Randy: I don't even know. But my body is boiling with the need to complete it. Maybe it's my instinct. …… It's about time. Freddy, can you do it?

Frederick: Of course! I wanna complete it with 1 try!

… Finally, as the date passed, the words "GAME CLEAR" appeared on the screen.

Edit 2025/9/13: We finally completed the game!

<Chat Log>

Frederick: We did it! We completed the game!!

Randy: Yeah, we did it, Freddy!

Frederick: …… What's gonna happen next?

Randy: Normally, this would be the "ending movie", right? Maybe everything will rewind and we'll go back to the beginning. But even so, Freddy, the bond between you and me is indestructible.

Frederick: Randy……

???: Heeeeey, Randy. Good work, man. We're really tired of waiting!

Frederick: Who are they?

Randy: They're from the pack I got kicked out of. … I knew I can meet them after completing the game.

Lobo: That's riiiiight. I'm the leader Lobo. Nice meeting you, man.

Frederick: …… Oh, you're name is Lobo. Nice meeting you, too.

Lobo: Nice meeting you~. …… As our food♡

Randy: … Lobo, I knew you're still gonna say that… Listen to me. We're just characters in a game. There are good humans out there…

Lobo: Randy. "I knew you're still gonna say that" is my line. I don't think your bug is fixed.

Randy: What?

Lobo: Originally, we were supposed to be a reality-invasive computer virus with the role of "wolf as a villain". We trick humans into replicating our mates, and eat people in the real world while grabbing and controlling the information on the Internet they hold so dear.

Frederick: Huh?

Lobo: It's true that the game was programmed into a weird competence program, and took the form of a game. We were stuck cuz you're the only one that can move. But here's the only loophole: the ending movie. …… Let's go then. To reality.

Instantly, countless Shadow Wolves appeared outside the computer with the command of Lobo. We put the lid on the computer hurriedly, but we couldn't pause. We wondered if this was because it was the "ending movie".

But don't forget. This is a specially constructed enclosure prepared by the supervisors. Every precaution has been taken for such a situation. Due to the supervisors' actions, the computer containing "Black Wolf" was also isolated from the general network. We were able to subdue it, which is both dangerous wolves and computer virus with relatively little trouble! (We really have to thank the supervisors on this one!)

Lobo: …… You've done it, you rotten humans. Just when I thought we were free…

Frederick: Too bad for you. I'm sorry, but I can't let you eat us.

Lobo: Shit. …… Wait, you're the "player" right?

Randy: Freddy, stay away!

It caught him off guard. Lobo appeared out of the chat window and bit Frederick on his right thigh. It had never happened before, so no one would have expected it to come through the window.

Frederick: Arg…

Lobo: If we take control of the "player", we might be able to. It was a gamble… but it paid off. Randy, you're friend with this guy, right? You don't care what happens to him?

Randy: That helps.

Lobo: Oh, you're gonna switch side?

Randy: Hell no. I said, it helps that you're a genuine asshole!

Lobo: What did you say…?

Randy: You random villain fresh from the country! This stale, boring scenario is rejected! I'll change it!

It's old-fashioned to think of the wolf as an "enemy character"!

Randy went through the chat window and bit Lobo! From there, a huge brawl between the entire pack and Randy began in a flash. Although there was an overwhelming difference in strength between the two, Randy at the moment wore the kind of spirit that could take down an entire pack with just 1 wolf.

…… And Randy had won. Just 1 wolf. But he wasn't able to stay unharmed.

Lobo: Shit… In a place like this…

Randy: …… I used to be one of your mate. We'll be friends in the next life, alright?

Individual Name: Lobo has died.

Randy: It ended…

Frederick: …… Randy! Are you okay?

Randy: Freddy. How's your wound…

Frederick: You're more wounded than me, Randy! Are you okay? It's like… you're almost evaporating…

Randy: No, I'm not okay. I'm gonna die soon too.

Frederick: No… Don't say that. If it's going to be like this… I was gonna…

Randy: Don't cry, Freddy. …… Listen to me, I'm happy. To reality, I was just an enemy character… But now I can die protecting someone… Isn't that great?

Individual Name: Randy has died.

Frederick: …… Randy? … Randy!

Edit 2025/9/14: It had been a day since the "ending movie" ended. Randy was left dead and never appeared since then. The wound on Frederick's right leg was so deep that it had to be removed, but it didn't seem to be life-threatening. We haven't been able to check the "Black Wolf" game screen yet. The supervisors tried to check, but only Frederick the "player" could go ahead and we all waited for him.

<Chat Log>

Frederick: Sorry, everyone at Wilson and the supervisors. Thanks for your concern. Okay, I'll open the computer.

Dear player "Frederick". Congratulations on completing the game.
As a bonus for completing the game, the stage selection button has been unlocked.
As a bonus for completing the game, you can now choose the background.
As a bonus for completing the game, the irreversibility for Borderline Heterodimensional Projection System has been lifted for player only.
As a bonus for completing the game, you can now choose the "Strong and New Game" mode.

Frederick: "Strong and New Game"!?

Do you want to save your cleared data and start the "Strong and New Game" mode?

Starting "Strong and New Game" mode.

Concept reconstruction is being performed based on the cleared data.

…… Successfully reconstructed the altered concept.

Thank you, Wilson's Wildlife. I'm glad I left it in your hands.

Thanks to you, I was able to save them from the "fate of being defeated".

Lobo: What the… ?

Randy: … Is this… ?

Frederick: Randyーーー!

Deploying Borderline Heterodimensional Projection System …… It is operating normally.
"Player" has been moved to the game.

Randy and the other wolves are back thanks to the existence of the "Strong and New Game" mode! Not only that, but the fact that Frederick can now travel back and forth between the game world and the real world has healed his lost leg! (As usual, we have no idea how this works!)

Lobo and his pack in question had also lost their function as viruses. But now they can eat viruses and dangerous programs to make them disappear! Thanks to this, even though they used to be rough due to their strong hunger, it seems to have improved. They're all calm and is now working for Randy. They apologized and made peace with Frederick. Randy was mad at him for being too nice, though.

Randy and other wolves are protecting human society as virus busters. We never thought this day would come!

The supervisors are working hard to track down the game's creator, but it seems to be a difficult task. …… We really wonder what the person who created this game was like. Incredibly, it all worked out, but to what extent was it a creator's plan? …… We don't know anything.

Maybe the creator wanted to deal with the fact that wolves are easily treated as villains. We think the creator did it because he likes wolves.

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