Critter Profile: Shigastan!

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Critter Profile: Shigastan!



Name: Shigastan

Species: Equus ferus caballus (Horse)

Primary Caretaker: Wellington Garrett Wonderhorse, Terrestrial Team, Medium Animal Section, Horse Specialist

Diet: Fodder, Hay, hard but sweet veggies, grass (He loves eating this in his meadow!)

Housed: Stable No. 17

Creature Features!

"Shigastan"'s the name of one of the more peculiar horses we tend to. As for why he's called "Shigastan"…I'll explain later.

What's so strange about Shigastan? An excellent question, my dear Watson! Of course, since the July 12th incident, the world is abundantly full of the bizarre. Our own little shelter has been in the limelight too, receiving many large donations and five times the amount of requests as before.

Obviously, it's not all bad. Thanks to this support, we've rebranded to Wilson's Wildlife Solutions. We’re still expanding, and have opened our doors to find talented people(?) like Mr. Wellington. We were so lucky to find such a person(?) - though I'd be a liar if I said I wasn’t surprised to see his horse-face at the interview.

Besides, our overall goal remains the same. We take care of, care for, and protect our critters — enthusiastically!

Back to the explanation. You wouldn't be able to pick out Shigastan's quirk just by looking at him. He is skinnier than most horses you see, though. Still, what makes him stand out from the rest are his super senses. Shigastan is very good at finding hidden things. Just as an example, Vizzie, another critter of ours, is very good at moving around without being seen, but Shigastan can find her with ease.

It appears that Shigastan's talent works with things that people near him want to find. Why, when a needle got lost in a haystack a little while ago, I told him and he immediately found it. He seems like he's always ready to help. Apparently, his talent can also work on people, so if you've got a ninja you need caught, just ask Shigastan!



Shigastan galloping. A photo so spectacular that it could be used for matchmaking!

We first encountered Shigastan in Poland, in 1998. Even after the Foundation and those UN folks managed to defeat that huge deity, the chaos continued. Relief supplies were sent from across the globe, and simultaneously, tons of organizations moved into Poland and its surroundings to give aid and do research. The Manna Charitable Foundation, the Red Cross, the Institute for Human Education and Development, Doctors Without Borders, The Engelbert Corporation, etc…

And of course, we at the Wilson's Wildlife Solutions were also there! We evacuated animals from the zoos and protected wildlife from the ensuing cicadas. These activities were done by volunteers, but the shelter received a commendation from the Polish government , and we became famous and got a bunch of donations. — I myself was personally part of a scuffle between an evil Chopin cult(or the Bloody Chopin Cult, as they called themselves)and the ARGUS Corporation, and helped prevent an outbreak at the Polish Fungal Research Institute, but I won't bore you with the details or you'd likely fall asleep faster than Bakugo.

We had rented a room in an old Church of the Broken God camp in Poland, where we helped with the reconstruction efforts, but the camp had a difficult encounter with the Logos Corporation, so after some discussion, we moved onward to Babiogórski National Park. It was on the way there that we came across an abandoned truck.

It looked like a normal truck at first — Except inside the truck's back was a grassy meadow that seemed to go on forever. There was no driver (I don't even want to think about their fate!), but they'd left some paperwork behind.

Cargo Information
Date of reception July 11th, 1998 Recipient
of delivery
Sushi Dark(Pseudonym under client's request)
Address Three Portlands, 83-24 Prometheus Plaza via Isle of Portland, England Postage expenses Sender's cost
Sender Toueisha Sisimula Kulau Shipping
Standard delivery
Undelivered/Delivery in progress/Complete Transmission
letter form
Shipping number MCDE/Bio-H13001304
Flora and/or Fauna (alive)
Standardization 2.8m length, 532kg weight, single animal

"Shigastan, Omi's Bone Horse"Where's Shigastan?


By request of the client, please remember these following points

  • Delivery must be alive, to ensure freshness.
  • Please avoid stressing the delivery so as to not spoil the taste.

To accomplish these goals, these subspace delivery trucks are manufactured by Tou-HeiHeavy Industries. Keep setting at "S".

  • According to client's call to the Logistics Division, delivery is being used to "test new materials".
  • Trends in ordering might indicate intrigue in Kaiju Caviar; make sure to hand client MC&D's catalog.

Unfortunately, that's all we know about Shigastan's past. Because the truck quite literally exploded as soon as he was freed from the back. Well, I'm of the opinion that us finding him was better than him getting eaten. So we gave him the name of "Shigastan" after his hometown (or something like that). Not too cheesy, right? Well as you can see from our other Critter Profiles, we're the kind of place that operates cheerfully with critter wellbeing in our hearts.

Hmm. Well, anyway, that's how Shigastan came to us.

Special Needs and Accommodations!

Aside from his special talent, Shigastan's a normal male horse, so just take care of him like one. However, according to Wellington, he seems very lonely as he stares eastward. Perhaps what Shigastan really wants to find is his home. To the best of our ability, we want to help with that.

Notes about Shigastan!

To combat his loneliness, Caleb from the Terrestrial Team suggested that we find Shigastan a mate. Shortly afterwards, a TV station called Olter Base Media reached out to me with an idea for a television series called "Shigastan ♡ End of Century Matchmaking Program" (“A name that makes me question my sanity!” said Fae. I hope we can find a good mate for him……

Edit 1999/5/02: The response has been huge! Our organization received an overwhelming amount of potential mate profiles. With Wellington thoroughly screening them, we've narrowed it down to five beauties for matchmaking.

Edit 1999/5/02: The first was a mare from London named "Amy". She was intelligent, and Wellington took a shine to her; however, it seems Shigastan doesn't like her. So, unfortunately, the date was broken off.

Edit 1999/5/09: The next matchup was recommended by Dr. Wondertainment, a Wonder-PonyTM. She couldn't talk, and Shigastan turned his back on her… What a terrible matchmaking session! Later, I discovered that Dr. Wondertainment may have underestimated the value of life.

Edit 1999/5/16: The third was a mare named “Inanaki”, who came all the way from Japan. She’s a chestnut-colored girl with a vigorous way of speaking, the apparent daughter of a prominent family, who wanted a child to succeed her. With how energetic she was, I thought she'd be perfect for Shigastan. However, she didn't like him, claiming she “wanted someone with a more vertical face.”

Edit 1999/5/23: The fourth(Or is 4.5th more accurate?) candidate was most eager to jump in! Emerging from the forest's Springwater Corridor Trail, her body was made of twisted, tangled roots and branches with hollow insides. She seemed a bit temperamental, though Shigastan seemed interested in her (though, looking back on it, we haven't actually been able to confirm if they were female or not). We were ecstatic to have a new critter to care for!

But then an OB Media staff member scrambled over after hearing about it, and accidentally touched the poor critter, causing a huge ruckus. The staff member got a lacquer rash, and so he hastily called the Foundation with some device of sorts, causing them to take him and the critter away. I guess this is what they mean by star-crossed lovers.

Edit 1999/5/30: Now, our next match-up is "Camille", recommended to us by the Order of Light. She is an absolutely charming unicorn, with a white coat with some brown spots on the back. However, she seemed pretty sleepy during her blind date, so we had to escort her out. I want Shigastan to feel better, but it's difficult if the other matchup isn't feeling well either!

PS: The man who sold Camille to me was a suspicious mustached fella, who was a grifter exiled from the Order of Light ages ago! I tried getting back to him, but he never replied. Was he trying to get rich off this TV show? Unbelievable.

Edit 1999/6/06: The last matchup, “Ansei Gou”, was a strong contender! She was another chestnut maned beauty, with a sexy demeanor. She has a great sense of humor, but is also fiercely intelligent. If it wasn't for Shigastan, she'd have one hell of a competition trying to find a suitable mate. Shigastan also seemed interested in her…until the afternoon.

Because just as the blind date was about to end, Ansei Gou slipped on some feces and fell over. That's when I found out, for the first time….. that they were a male horse! Now, obviously, love transcends genders. And there are animals that can swap their genders, such as frogs and bears. But their profile clearly stated that they were female, so this is a serious blunder for us. I heard him mutter something to the tune of, "I'll never lose a blind date race", but I've become wise about these kinds of things with Camille, so I asked him to leave.

By the end of it all, we couldn't find Shigastan a good mate. But I hope that all this commotion has been keeping him distracted so far.

Edit 1999/6/09: Good news! Shigastan went out by himself today, and to our shock, he returned with a partner! She's beautiful, with a white mane and a daintiness similar to a wild thistle. "I can find precious things for myself, you know," I assume he's saying. He found one!

PS: More good news happened that day. Wellington is getting engaged to our first blind date, Amy. Apparently, they've been meeting in secret and dating since the day they'd met. How shrewd of him! Guess that means matchmaking wasn't a complete waste of time, right?

For further information about Shigastan, please contact:
Address: 31st North Deerway Avenue, Three Portlands
Phone: (503)-555-0187
Email: etis.snoitulosefildliwsnosliw|ofni#etis.snoitulosefildliwsnosliw|ofni
Void: Wilson's Wildlife Solutions! ⁂wilsons-wildlife

Sent by: Site-64 "Wajima Moyumi"
Received by: Albert Westrin, Aquatic Team Leader
Date: 2002/7/25


It's been a long time, Al.

So I've heard that your shelter has a horse that's "good at finding things", and so my boss Edgar Holman seems very interested in him. Could you give a little help?

- Wajima Moyumi a.k.a. Hagi

Sent by: Albert Westrin, Aquatic Team Leader
Received by: Site-64 Wajima Moyumi
Date: 2002/7/25


Long time, no see! How are you doing? You might be thinking of Shigastan. I'm well acquainted with him because he was on TV and is very popular with our shelter, though we're not part of the same team.

But I can't really help you without a reason. You see, your boss is quite intimidating. For that reason, I'm worried he might sell Shigastan to people like Accelerate the Future in separate pieces.

I can talk to Tim, of course, depending on the reason. You're the one asking, after all!


Sent by: Site-64 Wajima Moyumi
Received by: Albert Westrin, Aquatic Team Leader
Date: 2002/7/25


Sure, it's nothing I can't tell you about.

I'm sure you remember the Manhattan Terrorist Attack from last year. After all that went down, airports and street checkpoints have had their security tightened to stop further attacks, and groups like the Chicago Spirit have been smuggling contraband cloaked in anti-memes as a countermeasure. Traditional drug-sniffing dogs can't work against this, and these methods are now accessible to the public, not just a small few.

But the idea is that Shigastan can look past such measures. Horses have great mobility, which is useful for security.

- Hagi

Sent by: Albert Westrin, Aquatic Team Leader
Received by: Site-64 Wajima Moyumi
Date: 2002/7/25


I see… If that's your reasoning, I'll assist you! You realize Tim loves helping people, right?

We could send Shigastan, but we'd have a small problem. See, he recently injured his leg. I think we can send his children though (He has seven!), but there might be a problem.


Sent by: Site-64 Wajima Moyumi
Received by: Albert Westrin, Aquatic Team Leader
Date: 2002/7/25


What’s the problem? Did they not inherit Shigastan's talent?

- Higa

Sent by: Albert Westrin, Aquatic Team Leader
Received by: Site-64 Wajima Moyumi
Date: 2002/7/25


Nope, they all inherited special talents! Both their dad's and their mom's.

Their mom's a Pegasus.

- Al

Mobile Task Force Beta-4-A ("Cavalries")


Task: MTF Beta-4-A is a separate unit from Mobile Task Force Beta-4 (“Castaways”). Their primary task is to crack down on rogue elements and contraband attempting to infiltrate Three Portlands, by riding and adapting thaumaturgical weaponry1 to special equipment asset U1300, provided by GOI-466 ("Wilson's Wildlife Solutions").

Following MTF Beta-4-A's successful deployment, U1300 has been employed by personnel from airports, Nexus and extradimensional portals, banks, government agencies, and worldwide security forces.

Their outfits may seem a little ancient, but the best thing about this Task Force is that they can fly and catch fleeing subjects.

  Edgar Holman, Site Director

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