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Welcome, staff member. If you can see this, you have one of the Foundation's last computers in front of you. As you are well aware, we are going through a crisis. After the Foundation's servers were destroyed, we were only able to get this machine up and running for a while. Don't get used to it, it may be gone in a week.

In keeping with our priorities, we must develop a plan to regain power and restore normalcy. With or without working comms, by the light of kerosene lamps or Spengler prisms, the Sites are to continue their work no matter the circumstances. It's just a little more difficult now. You will find the relevant instructions in the appendices.

Secure, Contain, Protect

Polish Branch Administrator


Introductory document — Required reading for Clearance Level 2 and up

SCP-PL-231The Wrath of Perun by Calamari_KnightCalamari_Knight and Draven AddamsDraven Addams

Black Sky — main series


Calm before the storm — Prelude:

SCP-5659Deus Sex Machina by RallistonRalliston

SCP-PL-207Daily Prophet by Calamari_KnightCalamari_Knight

The Impact — First days

Turn your computer off, there's a storm coming by Calamari_KnightCalamari_Knight

Total Eclipse by Draven AddamsDraven Addams

Two Pages From the Journal of a Highlander by Draven AddamsDraven Addams

When Thunder Came — Stories from a world without power

SCP-PL-258Natural Multifunctional Transport by GadziskoGadzisko

"Black Sky" is canon about a world where all electrical or electronic devices, anything that used electricity, stopped working. Phones, computers, cars — absolutely everything. Panic breaks out in the world. And in the midst of this chaos stands the Foundation…

Canon premises:

  • In June 2021, a powerful anomaly appeared as an avatar of the Slavic god Perun. In a short period of time, it caused damage to almost all electrical equipment on the planet by creating anomalous, incessant storms.
  • An electricity-dependent society is in disarray and must restructure and re-learn how to live without it to survive.
  • As if that wasn't enough, more and more anomalous, mythological creatures are appearing in the world, which are by no means positively inclined towards humans.

What is this canon really about?

  • This is a canon about how people cope in the face of a global blackout.
  • This is a canon about humanity's efforts to maintain normalcy (or at least get used to the new normal).
  • This is a canon about Slavic gods and demons coming back to life.
  • This is a canon about the determination we are able to show to maintain normalcy.
  • This is a canon about how we are too dependent on electricity to live without it.

So you want to write a piece for the canon?

If you want to write a work set in the Black Sky canon, here are some tips.

  • Read all the works in the canon. This will help you learn about the setting. If you don't have the time/energy/volition to do so, at least read the Glossary below.
  • Try to keep it consistent with other works. No one is going to bite your head off if you describe something that deviates slightly from the details established in other works, but the foundation of any canon is consistency.
  • If you don't have an idea for a work but still want to contribute to this canon, see what Groups of Interest or characters from the SCP universe haven't appeared in any work yet or haven't played a major role. Consider: how would they behave in the face of a blackout? What would they do? Here are some ideas to get you started.
  • Marshall, Carter & Dark: In the face of such an upheaval, will large corporations collapse, or on the contrary — will they try to cash in?
  • WWW: What will a group of parallel universe destroyers do when everything falls apart in their home universe? Or do they actually come from another one and intend to completely wipe out the one without electricity?
  • Church of the Broken God: With computers out of commission, the Maxwellists are practically extinct. The Cogwork Orthodoxy, on the other hand, is prepared as never before.
  • Global Occult Coalition: The GOC has no qualms about terminating anomalies. Will they take matters into their own hands and be able to defeat Perun?

Compatibility with other canons:

  • From 120's Archives, S&C Plastics and On Guard 43: All events in these canons up until 2021 are considered canonical with respect to Black Sky, as long as they do not outright contradict it.
  • Lurking Treatment: Jarosław Zimorodek operates in this canon as well, and since the state of medical care has declined considerably, he is willing to come to the rescue with his own methods of treatment. This is also a good place to remind ourselves that "Lurking Treatment" doesn't have to focus on his character only, but on altnormal/anomalous medicine in general.
  • AIAD: AICs exist in this canon, but the lion's share of them were deleted when their servers were destroyed. A few survive on preserved backups, but they may be older or malfunctioning versions.
  • Clash: Read "Clash" so that you know what to not write about in "Black Sky."

CSS Theme:

Black Sky currently doesn't have its own site theme to make your work look fancy, but suggested ones include BASALT and SCP Offices Theme, so if you are up for something different than the classic Sigma 9 and Black Highlighter, consider one of those.

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