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Thing number.: D-002

Class: Weird

What I should do: D-002 should be left alone. It should not be drunken from, mama said, and she always gets really angry. But you can walk past it, if you dont open the clozet.

That is: D-002 are so bottles under the sink. They arre all really motley, but says that I can't drink them. There are letters on them but I can't read them, the words are to hard. Something like Sagra… Sakro… Sakrolan! And on two is a green frog.1

Notice: Uwe from the kindergarten said that they are really tasty, so i decided to taste them. But mama saw me and got really angry. I don't like mum when she is angry. I try it when she sleeps.

Notise 2: Could not stay up long enough, probably 'cause of the closet. It makes you sleepy.

Saw mama how she rubbed and wiped down the hearth with the red frog bottle. He was so shiny. It will definitly clean the teeth. Probably better than the sweetz that make these holes in your tooth. Surely I can gett to it when shes in bath.

Notize 3: They all taste like soap. Now i feel sick.

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