D 016
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Thing number: D-016

Objekt clas: Evil!!

Security: The monster should be very far away from my bed and also from any other bed where someone sleeps. And no child can be allowed near the monster because it scares you and you can't sleep. You can make light in the room but that doesn't always help D-016 is often there anywayz and scares you. A man from the foundation should look under the bed every night and be totally sure that there is no D-016 in the dark under my bed.

Description: D-016 is a really bad monster under my bedd the look is not known and it hasn't yet been seen by me. Others haven't seen it neither. But it is there under my bed.

If the light goes out and the monster is there then it happens that I or others can't sleep. It doesn't matter under which bed D-016 is because it always scares me. And when the light in my room is on then it's still there under my bed very often.

Note: This night the monster made me wet and it stinkz. Me parents say I made me wet but that can't be because I slept.

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