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There were people that asked me if I didn't find something working with the corpses. By the way, I couldn't entirely say that I did. It might be because I barely have a six-sense about these kinds of stories.

The story I was gonna tell you was a time when I did find something. Even if I didn't find it today, I'd find it other days, because this frightening place almost always had dead people. Most of them were the prisoners. I was staying night-shift with a senior in the department when it happened. There were 3 corpses brought for today. Each looked weird; I didn't know and didn't want to know how they got injured. Dr. Nathin, the senior who worked there for 10 years, was probably more familiar with this kind of thing. The new corpse was wearing little bells. Dr. Nathin said it was so you could hear the ones that moved. I thought it was nonsense, but it shocked me nonetheless.

I accidentally ended up dozing until 2:00 AM, and by then Dr. Nathin had already left. As such, I was alone. Went to the washroom to wash my face and do my business, and that's when I heard the bells. I thought it was Dr. Nathin pranking me, so I went straight outside. No one was there. Just me and an empty corridor.

I was sure I misheard. Could've been sleep deprivation, I supposed. Still, I figured I might as well just head back, flip on the tv, and surround myself with white noise. Of course, the jingling soon returned, slowly making its way to my back. I nearly freaked; there was no mistaking that something was right behind me.

Slowly, I turned to face a man in a dirty pale-orange jumpsuit, standing behind a curtain on the outside of the room. Couldn't see his face, but “D-6679” was printed in red on his collar, just like the corpse from earlier. I stared for quite a while, before it up and went back to the morgue, taking the jingling with it. Immediately, I got up to look back into the room, but nobody was there, even considering the dead end. I honestly though I was haunted. Then, I turned off a TV, grabbed a coat and ran to a lift. I also bumped into Dr. Nathin coming out of another corridor. It was certain he'd ask me. Told him I wanted to go home, and bolted..

That's my first ghost story since starting here.

I'll say this: Just because someone works with corpses, doesn't mean they aren't afraid. They can always chicken out at ghosts.

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