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Thing number: D-912

Name: Tobias Müller (7 years, male)

Class: 2-C

Class teacher: Frau Wittmann

Crime: Rough calumny (Saying the vulgar phrase dumbass!, addressed to the author)

Time of the misdeed: 12:03:01 o'clock, 1th of may 2019.

Crime scene: Classroom B4, first upper floor, Sophie-Scholl-Elementary-School.

Witnesses: Maria Rütters, Jacob Urquhart, Yaha Gründogan.

Punishment: Procedure 13.

Execution of Punishment: According to Procedure-13, D-912 will be, during the next big pause, locked inside the boys toilet, after which he will be poured over with hot water, with him being filmed with an available iPhone during the whole procedure. Caution: no recording of faces! Procedure-13 will go on for 15 minutes, after which the respective cabin will be unlocked. The subject D-912 to be punished will be, provided that he now is in an advanced state of shock and panic, beaten with a large branch and forced to orally consume available objects. At the end of procedure 13, the crime will be declared as atoned.

Addendum: Procedure 13 failed. Thing number 913 (Maria Rütters) informed Miss Wittmann, and, in course, prevented the performance of the fair punishment. Director threatens with a change of school, any Collective retaliation will be compiled.

Addendum #2: Parentt has confiscated the author's computer, and threatened with bimonthly house arrest. All operations temporary halted.

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