Dado, Darling
@charset "utf-8";
@import url('');
@import url('');
/* Thème de la St Valentin, par Al_W0onder et Cauchynambour */
:root {
        /* Couleurs */
        --saumon: #D6053F;
        --rouge: #C2142E;
        --rouge-fonce: #8A071A;
        --fond: #fffefa;
        --texte: #2e2525;
        --creme: #E7E6C9;
        --rose: #990F0F;
        --noir: #000000;
        /* 1 Common */
        --ct_bg_body: var(--fond);
        --ct_col_body-txt: var(--texte);
        --ct_col_h1-txt: var(--saumon);
        --ct_col_link: var(--rouge);
        --ct_col_link-visited: var(--rouge-fonce);
        --ct_col_link-newpage: var(--saumon);
        --ct_col_hr: var(--rose);
        /* 2 Header */
        --ct_cnt_alt-header-txt: "Saint-Valentin";
        --ct_fns_alt-header-txt: clamp(38px, 5vw, 50px);
        --ct_fns_header-txt: 0;
        --ct_bg_header-image: url('');
        --ct_bg_header-logo: url('');
        --ct_cnt_alt-slogan-txt: "Séduction, Confidence, Passion";
        --ct_fns_alt-slogan-txt: clamp(14px, 2.125vw, 20px);
        --ct_fns_slogan-txt: 0;
        --ct_col_alt-slogan-txt: #FFF7F6;
        /* 2 Account menu */
        --ct_col_account-menu-txt: var(--rouge-fonce);
        --ct_col_account-menu-link: var(--rouge-fonce);
        --ct_col_account-submenu-bg: var(--fond);
        --ct_col_account-submenu-link: var(--texte);
        --ct_col_account-submenu-link-hover: var(--rouge-fonce);
        --ct_brd_account-submenu: 1px solid var(--rouge-fonce);
        /* 2 Search box */
        --ct_col_searchbox-txt: var(--fond);
        --ct_brd_searchbox-border: solid 1px var(--rouge-fonce);
        --ct_col_searchbox-highlight: var(--texte);
        --ct_brd_searchbox-highlight: solid 1px var(--rouge);
        --ct_col_searchbox-gradient-2: var(--saumon);
        --ct_col_searchbox-gradient-3: var(--rouge-fonce);
        --ct_col_searchbox-gradient-4: var(--saumon);
        --ct_dim_searchbox-border-radius: 3px;
        /* 2 Topbar */
        --ct_col_topbar-txt: var(--fond);
        --ct_col_topbar-link: var(--texte);
        --ct_bg_topbar-item: var(--fond);
        --ct_brd_topbar-menu: solid 2px var(--rouge-fonce);
        --ct_brd_topbar-menu-hover: solid 2px var(--rouge);
        --ct_brd_topbar-item: solid 1px transparent;
        --ct_brd_topbar-item-hover: solid 1px var(--rouge);
        /* 2 Sidebar */
        --ct_shd_sidebar-block: 0 2px 6px var(--saumon) ;
        --ct_col_sidebar-elements: var(--rouge-fonce);
        --ct_brd_sidebar-elements: 2px solid var(--saumon);
        --ct_bg_sidebar-default: #FFF7F6;
        --ct_bg_sidebar-blue: #FFF7F6;
        --ct_bg_sidebar-red: #FFF7F6;
        --ct_bg_sidebar-green: #FFF7F6;
        --ct_bg_sidebar-yellow: #FFF7F6;
        --ct_col_sidebar-subtext: var(--saumon);
        --ct_dim_sidebar-border-radius: 7px;
        /* 4 Content area */
        --ct_col_page-title: var(--ct_col_h1-txt);
        --ct_col_page-title-border: #bbb;
        /* 4 Rating module */
        --ct_col_rate-primary: var(--rose);
        --ct_brd_rate-primary: solid 1px var(--rose);
        --ct_col_rate-secondary: var(--creme);
        --ct_col_rate-cancel: var(--rouge-fonce);
        --ct_col_rate-link-hover: var(--saumon);
        --ct_dim_rate-border-radius: 2px;
        /* 4 Other page elements */
        --ct_col_toc-bg: var(--texte);
        --ct_col_blockquote-bg: #FFF0EF;
        --ct_col_code-bg: #FFFFFF;
        --ct_bg_table-header: white;
        --ct_brd_table-header: 1px solid var(--rouge-fonce);
        /* 7 Responsive Web Design */
        --ct_col_m_sidebar-bg: var(--rouge-fonce);
        --ct_brd_m_sidebar: 1px solid var(--rouge);
        --ct_brd_m_sidebar-right: 1px solid var(--rouge-fonce);
        --ct_col_m_sidebar-button-bg: var(--saumon);
        --ct_brd_m_sidebar-button: .2em solid var(--creme);
        --ct_shd_m_sidebar-button: 0 0 20px 3px rgba(153,153,153,1);
#search-top-box-form input[type="submit"] {
background: linear-gradient(to bottom, #8A071A, #FE695E, #ED596F);
/* En-tête */
#header h2 span::before {
    font-family: var(--ct_fnt_slogan-txt);
#account-options li a {
    transition: 130ms;
/* Sidebar */
#side-bar a {
    --ct_col_link: var(--texte);
/* Module de crédits */
.modalbox {
    background-color: var(--fond);
.modalbox .modalbox-title {
    background-color: rgba(var(--rouge-fonce),70%);
/* Code */
.code {
    border: solid 2px rgba(var(--rose),40%);
.hl-identifier {
    color: var(--texte);
.hl-code, .hl-brackets {
    color: var(--texte);
.hl-special {
    color: #CCCCCC;
.change-textarea-size a:hover {
    text-decoration: none;
    background-color: rgba(var(--fond),32%);
/* ++++++++++++++++ Ajouts temporaires en attente d'update CT ++++++++++++++++ */ th {
    background-color: var(--ct_bg_table-header);
    border: var(--ct_brd_table-header);
} .options, a.action-area-close:hover {
    background-color: var(--ct_bg_body);
.hovertip {
    background-color: white !important;
    color: var(--ct_col_hovertip);
    border: var(--ct_brd_hovertip) !important;
input.text {
    background-color: var(--ct_bg_input);
    color: var(--ct_col_input);
    border: var(--ct_brd_input);
input.text:hover {
    outline: var(--ct_brd_input-hover);
input.text:focus {
    outline: var(--ct_brd_input-outline);
div.buttons input, input.button, a.button, .owindow .button-bar a {
    background-color: var(--ct_bg_btn);
    color: var(--ct_col_btn);
    border: var(--ct_brd_btn);
div.buttons input:hover, input.button:hover, button:hover, a.button:hover, div.buttons input:focus, input.button:focus, button:focus, a.button:focus, .owindow .button-bar a:hover, .owindow .button-bar a:focus {
    background-color: var(--ct_bg_btn-hover);
    color: var(--ct_col_btn-hover);
#lock-info {
    background-color: var(--ct_bg_edit-info-text);
    border: var(--ct_brd_edit-info-text);
.owindow {
    background-color: var(--ct_bg_owindow);
    border: var(--ct_brd_owindow);
.owindow .title {
    background-color: var(--ct_bg_owindow-header);
    color: var(--ct_col_owindow-header);
/* YUI-TABS */
.yui-navset .yui-content {
    color: black;
    background-color: #FFF0EF;
.yui-navset .yui-nav a,
.yui-navset .yui-navset-top .yui-nav a {
    background-color: #FFC4BF;
    background-image: url(none);
.yui-navset .yui-nav .selected a,
.yui-navset .yui-nav .selected a:focus,
/* no focus effect for selected */
.yui-navset .yui-nav,
.yui-navset .yui-navset-top .yui-nav {
    border-color: #4E2020;
.yui-navset .yui-nav,
.yui-navset .yui-navset-top .yui-nav {
    border-color: #4E2020;
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Dado, darling,

You know, sometimes behind the counter in the store, you feel alone. The days are so long, so boring. I often yearn for a presence by my side, for a significant other who could be both the companion of my days and the confidant of my heart. But you know the drill, you have to move business forward, follow the market, manage the shop, etc. There's no time to think about love, so I put all my love into my creations, and I'm happy with that.

At least, I was satisfied with it.

Last Monday, the hand of fate brought our shops face-to-face, my dear Dado. At first I didn't pay much attention to it, but then you appeared. It was as if the sun itself had risen one more time. You shone like a Chop-Hard diamond. Your face with such a wide smile, your eyes as limpid as sapphires from Greffe, your teeth sparkling like Quartiers gold, your back with such an elegant arch… Your appearance alone had already lit up my entire day.

And then I was able to observe you busy yourself with your clients, always at their service, always affable… And your slight accent, so cute… For the love of me, I couldn't detach my eyes from you, I just couldn't. Useless to say, my turnover didn't increase much that day. But I didn't care. It was the best day I had experienced in a long time.

I haven't stopped thinking about you since. Everyday, without knowing it, you served as a model for me. I have dressed and undressed you with my most beautiful creations. Never have I had so much inspiration, never have I been so driven. Oh, how Damnatore Ferragamo's latest model would enhance your tanned complexion! And how this Hades bag would highlight your ocean blue eyes! I no longer count the number of times in my mind where I have contemplated you dressed in a Charnel outfit…

Dado, I no longer have any doubts. You are the one for me. My significant other is you. Our two shops united, with both of us at the controls, Dado… think about it, imagine what heights we could reach. Ain't no mountain high enough for us, I'm sure.

Dado, I confessed everything to you. My heart is void, and it's up to you to fill it. I only have one more question for you.

Dado, darling…

Would you be mine forever?

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