Darkequation's Proposal
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Artifact One

In Doubt Safe

Special Supervising Method
Artifact One is to be contained in a reinforced iron chest, held within Institute vault. It is to be guarded by royal guard. Anyone attempting to access is to show the certificate of the Grand Commandant. Unauthorized access, even by the highest officials, will be grounds for immediate termination. Texts outputted by Artifact One is to be recorded and archived for further research. Access to the records is limited to senior officials.

Updated Procedures as per 19██/█/█: SCP-CN-001 has lost its anomalous property, and is to displayed in grand hall of Site-CN-01 as the symbol of the Abnormality Institute (now Foundation Chinese Branch). Records of SCP-CN-001 are open to personnel with level-2 clearance. Please contact Dr. Sun for any questions.

Artifact One is a volume of bamboo scroll, with diameter, weight, and material composition no different from pre-Qin classics. Every time the artifact is read, the content will be different; the material used is normal pine ink. It mostly talks about Gods and Spirits, sometimes it's the meaning of those things. The scroll will continue till the record is finished. If closed, the aforementioned words will disappear. Those who read the words will encounter the things recorded, for no more than three months, and no less than a moment. It is unclear whether the scroll create the the encountered things, or the artifact simply predicts the encounter.

Artifact One was discovered in the mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor in ██, held in the hands of the Emperor himself, until Grand Commandant Shun (then Academician ███) took and read it. Terrified by his findings, he suggested to the then Emperor to found the Abnormality Institute in order to contain the things recorded within, so they won't harm the people. It has been ████ years since Institute acquired the artifact, and it shows no signs of deterioration. As of Emperor █, the artifact was used frequently in the hopes of exhausting it, but [REDACTED]; As of Emperor █, the artifact was seen as ominous and was sealed; by the reign of Emperor █, the edict was issued to research it. By the time this document is written, the entities both recorded and contained numbers in ██████, all detailed in the archive.


Announcement in the Spring of Yongzheng ██ Year: With regards of Westerners' arrival and turmoil, to prevent their misuse, all departments are to seal their artifacts, and move Artifact One to [REDACTED]. The research will resume once the situation improves. -Grand Commandant Lu-Cun

Notes in the Autumn of ██ Year of Republic: Artifact One has ceased updating for many years. Judging from it's last message, most researchers consider that the artifact had "finished". I suggest lifting the restriction of its archive to promote research and to let others know the history and mission of Institute of Abnormal Entities and Phenomena. -Dr. Chou

Approved. -Overseer Lian Zhen

Fellow members:

I have heard on multiple occasions that since we are now part of a global organization, we should follow the security standards such as "proposals" and "memetic killing agent" and so on.

I would like to remind us all that we're scholars, not shinobis. It is true that SCP stands for "Secure, Contain, Protect", but so does SCP-CN-001 the representation of scientific spirit of Chinese Culture, even though our name is not going into history, and historians will never know the reason behind the technology lag of Qing dynasty. The O5 council did everything possible to hide their 001, for when it sees the light of day, Foundation will fall. Just as Qin Shi Huang burn books and bury scholars, so far as to grasp SCP-CN-001 into his coffin, fearing a simple bamboo scroll will dismantle his empire.

But what we really have is a bamboo scroll loaded with achievements form the past, it had never written anything threatening, only faithfully record the SCPs of China. And now it is retired to allow the new generations to inherit the work. Our SCP-CN-001 is not dangerous. In contrary, it is worth to be proud of. We have, and will only have one Artifact One.

Study the abnormal, Research for knowledge, Integrate the findings, may this encourage all of us.

Overseer Zhuan Xu
Autumn of 19██

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