D-Class Personnel Simple Search System
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How to use

What's this?

This system allows users to easily search for D-class personnel registered in the Foundation's database according to their intended use. In the list of D-class personnel and links from the cloud can only search with complicated elements which is time-consuming and effort, But by using this system, it's possible to search for D-class personnel suitable for experimental use more easily after setting conditions such as AND and OR for many elements. In addition, various conditions such as date of birth, age, race, nationality, occupation, family structure, affiliation, religion, medical history, criminal history, physical characteristics, special skills, identity, █████, etc. You can narrow down by and change the order as you like. You can to customize the display items, and it's also possible to apply for the display of the full name of the D-class personal.

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    1 results.

    Registration number Location Age Order availability Rate
    1. D-4F2A09C-SUB Japan/Tokyo 32 Application Possible Unregistered

    Apply a order for D-class personnel who are hit in the search? ……[Y]/N

    ……Whereabouts of the target D-class personnel is being confirming. Please wait a minute.

    Confirmation is complete. Application for ordering D-class personnel was completed without any problems.

    Checking delivery status

    Execution of camouflaged death work: [Completed/Processing as a Fall death to the sea]

    Deleting registered social information: [Completed/Information manipulation Implementation for family, friends, colleagues]

    Erasing memory and planting false memory: [Completed/Granting memory and identity associated with counterfeit criminal history]

    Official registration as a D-class personnel: [Completed/Reclassification as D-8556]

    Delivery to the specified experimental site: [Incomplete/Arriving soon]

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