Assets of the Foundation in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Facilities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Because of the dense population, most facilities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are Sites while there are nearly no Areas. Though some of them are quite large, and are having several outposts. A majority of Sites is subterranean and located in rural areas.

facility-texture.pngDE1 Site-DE1 (Protected Site-DE1, HQ of the SCP Foundation of the German Branch)

Site-DE1 is a small industrial park in [REDACTED] (Hesse). It is disguised as place of multiple businesses, sharing the area (e.g. a forwarder, a hedge funds, an insurance, a jewelry manufacture, a money transport business etc.). The Site is fenced in, surrounded by a gas-minefield and constantly guarded. Site-DE1 is the Headquarter of the administration and direction of the SCP Foundation of the German Branch and is housing the primary data center. There are no anomalies allowed in Site-DE1.

facility-texture.pngDE4 Site-DE4

Site-DE4 is located in the Sauerland (North Rhine-Westphalia) in a former quarry and is disguised as home and training facility of a security company. To support the disguise, some Security personnel of other sites in Germany and neighboring countries is in fact trained there. Above surface are security level 1-administration and barracks for the security and administrative personnel, working above ground.
In a truck-garage there is the access to the underground part of the facility, with 2 levels for personnel and offices, 2 levels for Safe- and Euclid-class SCPs and 1 level for Keter-class SCPs. Objects contained at this facility include: SCP-034-DE, SCP-062-DE, SCP-099-DE and SCP-066-DE.

facility-texture.pngDE6 Site-DE6

Located in the south-west of Lower Austria, Site-DE6 is the largest facility of the Foundation in Austria. Disguised as a coal-fired power plant, it has six underground levels; administration, offices, recreation-rooms and cafeterias; more offices and cafeteria on the second level, as well as some testing-ranges; on levels 3 and 4, Safe-class objects are contained; level 5 contains some Euclid-class objects and level 6 contains solely Keter-class objects.
A majority of SCPs secured in Austria is contained at Site-DE6, including SCP-023-DE, SCP-077-DE and SCP-092-DE.

facility-texture.pngDE8 Site-DE8 (Armed Site-DE8, MTF-Barracks)

Site-DE8 is a former casern of the Wehrmacht in [REDACTED], which is disguised as a barracks of the Federal Police of Germany. It houses a majority of MTFs of the SCP Foundation in Germany and is barracks as well as training center and mission control. Personnel and materiel there is wearing uniforms resp. paintwork of the Federal Police. In general, there are no SCPs or anormal objects
allowed here, despite those of which the MTFs can benefit and Thaumiel-class SCPs, if they are considered harmless.

facility-texture.pngDE12 Site-DE12 (Research Site-DE12)

Site-DE12 is hidden in a forestal area in the Lunenburg Heath (Lower Saxony). The site is divided in eight testing areas, each ca. 10 hectare in size, which are arranged like an octagon around a central building. The site and each testing area is surrounded by a camouflaged concrete wall of 4.5 m in height. The central building houses administration, quarters for the personnel, observation decks and some underground laboratories, as well as an independent power supply. The site is protected from unauthorized entry by special units, motion- and vibration detectors, concealed electric fences and surveillance cameras. For additional concealment, the area within 20 km around the site has been disguised as training area of the Bundeswehr. The site is used for field testing and study of various Safe-class SCPs. Entry of the site requires security level 3.

facility-texture.pngDE17 Site-DE17

Site-DE17 was build in a mountain range in Upper Bavaria. The whole site is located inside a mountain and is very remote from civilization. On the first level are rooms for personnel and offices, the second contains quarters for MTFs, a cafeteria and a large warehouse. The third level houses Safe- and Euclid-class SCPs as well as D-class cells. The fourth level houses Keter-class SCPs.

facility-texture.pngDE19 Site-DE19

Of all sites in Germany, Site-DE19 houses most SCPs and is located between Cologne and Bonn in North Rhine-Westphalia in a decommissioned coal-fired power plant. It is secured by two fences with checkpoints and patrolled by security forces. The issue "demolition of the power plant" is being suppressed in the neighboring villages. It is one of the few sites with on-site nuclear warheads in Germany and Austria. Objects contained at this facility include: SCP-046-DE, SCP-069-DE, SCP-025-DE, SCP-047-DE and SCP-070-DE.

facility-texture.pngDE20 Site-DE20 (Protected Armed Site-DE20)

Site-DE20 is the airbase Büchel of the German Air Force in Rhineland-Palatinate. The Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 33, the only wing in Germany still taking part in the nuclear sharing, consists partially of agents of the Foundation, especially in leading positions, and privy officers. The majority of soldiers there is unaware of the Foundations involvement; because of steady staff fluctuation in units of the Bundeswehr, secrecy about the involvement of the Foundation has top priority. In case of compromising or fielding of the nuclear weapons stored here, a memetic agent or an amnesic is distributed to the soldiers through food. Unlike publicly announced, the device primarily stored here is the tactical nuke B61-11, which, possibly after multiple application, is able to destroy most underground facilities of the Foundation.

facility-texture.pngDE38 Site-DE38 (Protected Armed Site-DE38)

Site-DE38 is built inside the Swiss Alps. The main entrance was disguised as a thermal bath. Site-DE38 is the largest Site of the Foundation in Switzerland and dates back to the time when the German-speaking region of Switzerland was not yet part of the German branch. Because of its location it is the main Site in Switzerland and regulates the handling of anomalies and incidents in Switzerland. DE38 is designed as a high-security Site for anomalies, the discovery of which could have far-reaching consequences for the public. It is divided into three main sectors, DE38-A to DE38-C. DE38-A is designed for human and sentient anomalies, DE38-B for animal SCPs, most of which come from the region, and DE38-C for objects. The sectors are connected by a tunnel system. As thermal springs are available, this is also used by the staff stationed there and partly also elsewhere.

Task Forces of the SCP Foundation of the German Branch

The SCP Foundation of the German Branch operates own MTFs, which are usually only deployed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. While big MTFs are usually barracked in dedicated sites like Site-DE8, most sites are having one to three own MTFs, often not larger than a dozen members. Many German MTFs are designated with their sites designation and a gothic letter.

MTF-DE1-ℌ (1-Heinrich „HAL 1000”)


Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force DE1-ℌ consists of AI-experts as well as the AI [REDACTED] "EDI" and is dedicated for defense and backtracking of digital attacks from the inter- and intranet against the data center and central archive of the German branch at Site-DE1, as well as tracing and containing digital anomalies.

Assisting In Containment of Objects:

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MTF-DE1-𝔏 (1-Ludwig „The Inquisition”)


Task Force Mission: Covered Mobile Task Force DE1-𝔏 is for the Foundation in Germany a mix of secret service and criminal investigation department. Their tasks are to track, detain and remove infiltrators and covered agents of other organizations and authorities, as well as criminal investigation against members of the Foundation in cases of murder, SCP-theft or inducing a containment-breach.
Their size, equipment and identities of their members are top secret. Their members use to wear masks. Rumors say MTF-DE1-𝔏 answers to O5 and O4 had only little control over their work.

Assisting In Containment of Objects:


MTF-DE4-𝔎 (4-Karl „PSI-Corps”)


Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force DE4-𝔎 is specialized on detainment or containment of mind- and/or memory-affecting entities or objects as well as other memetic hazards. All members have to pass the anti-memetic-training class Ψ-3 with at least 90% success every six months. As this training takes place in Site-DE4, where SCP-███-DE which is required for the training is contained, the MTF is based here.

Assisting In Containment of Objects:


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MTF-DE8-𝔄 (8-Anton)

Task Force Mission: Like all other MTFs of Site-DE8, Mobile Task Force DE8-𝔄 is disguised as a unit of the German Federal Police and, like MTF-DE8-𝔅 and -ℭ, with 100 members it is one of the biggest permanent MTFs of the German branch. They are specialized in after-care after exposure of civilians to anomalies, often by mass-amnesication and use of memetic agents as well as permanent deletion of photos, videos and other records, and the suppression of riots directly or indirectly caused by anomalies.

Assisting In Containment of Objects:


MTF-DE8-𝔊 (8-Gustaf)

Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force DE8-𝔊 is disguised as an Arrest unit (BFE) of the Federal Police of Germany and is specialized on arresting reality-bending humanoid entities. They are able to survive the byeffects of portable Scranton-Reality-Boys, build in their battle dresses, trough genetic and cybernetic modification.

Assisting In Containment of Objects:


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