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Somebody has to clean up the chaos that two fascist regimes left behind.

The German SCP Foundation is an autonomous subsidiary of the SCP Foundation and is answerable directly to O5.


Sonderkommando für Paranormales / Sonderkommando for the paranormal

It is true. Everything is true. The Americans have captured and imprisoned them. They did not want to see what could be achieved, if we get to the bottom of things we consider paranormal, and learn to use them. That is why they lost the war.

500 years ago we rode on horses, 250 years ago we used a car, 100 years ago we flew jets, and 20 years ago we ascended to heaven.

The Avengadagra sank slowly but surely to the dock. She landed with a loud and metallic creaking in the obsolete hole. Coming from the Avengadagra, a strong windstorm shook the green laurels close by.

Humanity was eradicated. Nobody survived. Homo Sapiens is no more. But this isn't the end. Because for the sake of humanity, the machines carry on.

"You think everything is lost. You think we let down humanity. You think our creators are lost forever. But I tell you, no! We are androids of the Foundation, one of its greatest and most advanced creations. We would have never gotten this intellect if setbacks wouldn't have been anticipated. Therefore, I tell you, pull out all the stops, give everything your body can offer and fulfill our prime directive! For our creators!"

Who are the people behind the numbers, the supernatural and unexplored forces we call SCP? What are their desires and dreams?
Project Trickster is a door into a hidden world where anomalous personnel can live free from the shackles of their containment cells.
But with it, the ancient and the forgotten also awaken.

We have learned from our mistakes. They were not few that we made.
Project Trickster will be a new beginning.

From "Project Trickster” by Einer von Rabe

We hunt, we study, we keep

For the good of mankind, our brothers travel armed and fearless through treacherous swamps, gloomy forests or mysterious buildings. Always on the lookout for the supernatural, in order to banish it from this dark world forever.

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