Dear Dr, Please Remember Us...
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Hey, Doc. Do you remember?

The days you spent with us, your research colleagues, at the Site.

Hey, Doc. Do you remember?
That morning, though you were always calm, your face was pale when you entered the lab.

All through lunchtime the atmosphere was tense all through the Site. We didn't know what exactly was happening, but we knew something really important had happened. But we didn't know just how big that something really was.

Hey, Doc. Do you remember?
What you told me the night before you went off to America.

That day, all the important people at the Site were sent off to America, and I was in a hurry to respond. I was just a research assistant, so I would have to take over all kinds of research. Though it really wasn't good, I persistently listened while seeing you off. Why you had to go. And you, you said, rather reluctantly, "Koizumi-kun, we have been given an important mission. We have to complete it — we have no other choice." Even now, I don't know what you meant, but from all the way here in Japan, from the bottom of my heart, I pray that you can complete your mission.

Hey, Doc. Do you remember?
The experiment you told us over and over again wouldn't work.

Though the Site has been emptier recently, we're still Foundation employees, and we have to keep on carrying out this task of maintaining normalcy. I had Researcher Futaba help me with investigation, and we're continuing with the research you left to us. That experiment we thought was a bit too hard brought us better results that I'd thought. Ever since you left, I've been practicing more and more. I think I've gotten at least somewhat better, don't you think?

Hey, Doc. Even we got to know what you've been involved in.
"Project Arca". The project to create a last-ditch solution to overcome the end of the world.

I didn't get them to tell me anything other than the name, but this Site, too, needs to help out with the project, so a full restructuring of the research and investigation structure seems to be ongoing. When I heard the world was going to be destroyed, I couldn't believe it, but if the whole Foundation has come this far, it's unavoidably got to be the truth.

As Foundation employees, we have to keep up containment work, even though the world is ending before our eyes. It would be unforgivable to run away. Even so, I am just a single, small person. In my heart, I cannot accept this fact. It keeps me up at night.

Hey, Doc. I've been reassigned because of Project Arca.

Now I'm on containment duty for another object. There are a lot of new things I need to learn, and I'm so busy I barely have time to rest. So, I've had to put the research you left to me on hold. I'm sorry.

Hey, Doc. Is the world really ending? We can't secure or contain it, and we can't protect the world? But anything I can come up with, I'm sure you and your team have already dismissed long ago.

Hey, Doc. Do you remember?
Your favorite junior, Researcher Futaba?

Though it's only been some years since he joined the Foundation, he was always a fast learner when it came to amnestics. He often said "I want to work under Dr. Uamame!", and poked his head into the lab, and you often took care of him between shifts.

Today, he died.

Because people were transferred to work on Project Arca, there weren't enough people to prevent a containment breach. The good thing is, he was the only casualty, and the Mobile Task Force suppressed the anomaly soon after. Everyone has gone back to work without incident.

Ah, why am I calling his death a "good thing"?


Hey, Doc. It looks like the COUNTOVER is here.

Hey, Doc. Do you remember? Have you not found the solution? Did you not make it in time to save the world? I believed in you. I believed that you, you could save the world, and save us. And not just you, Doc, but Kuramoto and Tōmori and Dōmoto must be there too, right? You even got help from the more favored Sites, right? You must have fulfilled your mission. So have you forgotten us? Have you cut us off, no longer wanted in this world you saved? That can't be the case, right? You can't just waste our effort and Futaba-kun's life like that. Right? Right?!

Hey, Doc.

Please don't forget us.

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