A Preliminary Study on Thaumaturgy(II)——The Application of Thaumaturgy and Brief Introduction to Its Future
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Good morning, everyone. Welcome to the Sanctum Sanctorum. I'm the speaker today, Agent Justin.

I'm sure the lecture given two weeks ago still remained fresh in your memory. Last time, we talked about the difference between Thaumaturges and Reality Benders, and the concept of magic resistance. I believe that many people have already started to find their own spells and tools based on their resistance and ability. Well, that's good. The willingness to explore has always been one of the main spirits of Thaumatology, but I don't know if you'll make it through that door.

Today we're going to talk a little bit about the use of thaumaturgy and where it might go in the future. If after this class some of you would like to get involved in some Thaumatology into the near future, welcome to sign up in Lab 3, Level 2, Block C.

Let's talk about "unspiritual casting" first.

A lot of schoolfellows look confused when I said this noun. It's okay. Take it slow.

In… around 1778… the Third Global Conference of Thaumatologists was held. The theme of the conference was to discuss their new discovery that the "life pulse"——the EVE particle, as we came to call it——was not the power source of all spells. That is, or was, a great discovery. At this conference some of the Sorcerers' faith almost collapsed because they had always take the "life pulse" as the mantra. After this meeting, the General Assembly called the non-EVE particle casting "chaotic unspiritual casting", because they considered the thaumaturgy process performed without EVE, the "life energy", to be "soulless".

Later, they were proved wrong. This kind of casting can be described as "chaotic" and extremely dangerous, but definitely not "unspiritual". Many scholars also conducted a lot of research on "unspiritual casting" after this, which led to the discovery of "Soul Theory".

Imagine you have a computer in front of you, and that's the whole world. Now you turn it on and you type in a command, then the computer does the math, and we can think of it as you using thaumaturgy to change the world. EVE particle casting and "unspiritual casting" are both commands that are input into this "computer". There are just two different ways to express. Take a look at these two examples:

echo 'Hello Justin' > /home/sanctum/lecture2.txt

vi /home/sanctum/lecture2.txt
Hello Justin

In two cases, a piece of information is entered into a file. They're just different ways to express.

The "Soul Theory" holds that every individual has a soul, a spirit, and a body——of course, the body doesn't have to be an organism, the famous example is the thaumaturgy unmanned combat aerial drones——but let's talk about the soul first. The nature of a soul changes the nature of its surrounding EVE. A very vivid description is the "equation model": souls are variables, "world laws" are operations, and the resulting "outputs" are results with their unique "soul" properties——the different properties of EVE particles. What happens next? You have already known even if I didn't tell you——thaumaturgy.

What about "unspiritual casting"? Without EVE as a power source, how do you direct your thaumaturgy process?

Ha, I see a lot of people have had some expressions on their faces.

Yes, the source of energy for unspiritual casting is the soul. This is not to say that unspiritual casting "consumes" the soul, it consumes… something more profound. The soul is just a channel through which the thaumaturgy process can be accomplished.

In the last lecture I talked about "Parts affect the whole", and here unspiritual casting is a perfect example of it. During casting, you don't need to excite EVE particles at all, EVE particles are also unassimilated, the thaumaturgy you seemed to come out of nowhere. This is because the spirit of the caster somehow resonates and communicates with the spirit of the world. They "write" the information they want into the world's code, resulting in the thaumaturgy process. Here "part" of the soul (person) affects the whole soul (world). However, remember that "unspiritual casting" is no better than EVE particle casting. In general, there are very few casters who can use unspiritual casting, and the strength of their abilities varies. And such a large soul exchange is very damaging to the spirit. So unspiritual spellcasters either go mad and perish or go into seclusion unknown.


Yes, Necromancer and Spiritualist. It's easy to think of that in the application of the soul, isn't it? These two classes are different from ordinary EVE spellcasters… They don't usually use EVE particles, they do it in a very special way. Remember "Parts affect the whole"? To some extent, our minds and bodies also have soul-like properties to some extent, which means they produce a little bit of EVE. If a necromancer accidentally gets his hands on your hair, skin, or even a part of your spirit, congratulations, you're in trouble.

What Necromancers do best is manipulate the soul. When they get EVE particles with your properties, they usually parse them. According to the "Soul Theory", the "laws of the world" are immutable, so they can get information about your soul simply by "plugging" EVE into the "inverse equation". Next, the necromancer, as if armed with an access code, will rebuild a mini-version of your soul on his own. Like quantum entanglement, when his "mini-soul" changes, your soul changes too, and the changes can even affect the mind and body. The rationale for this is unclear. But the researchers' guess is that the world, in order to maintain its "consistency", forces identical souls to make the same changes when one soul is changed. And what about Spiritualists? Spiritualist focuses more on the manipulation of the spirit. The mind is an existence like "memory" relative to the soul. The mind is responsible for converting and storing experiences gathered from the "body" into memories. The soul reads the memories of the mind and integrates them into the "personality". Spiritualists have a famous magic that distinguishes them from necromancers, does any of you… that's right, "soul purifying". The necromancer does not manipulate the soul of the opponent, but he or she can selectively alter the memory in the spirit, thus changing the soul's "personality". But these two types of magical spells that are different from the EVE particle spell do not count as unspiritual spellcasters. Their definitions are more ambiguous… Just think of them as users of some secret spells.

All right, the application of thaumaturgy.

The most direct one is, the good use of signs and symbols when constructing the operation.

"Signs" and "Symbols" are a collection of concepts, and operations are exactly built on concepts. As for the application of concepts… we'll learn that soon.

Male symbol?♂, of course. It was originally an astrological sign for Mars, symbolizing a range of attributes "consistent" with masculinity, such as positivity and assertiveness. Over time, the symbol was used to refer to men or to show male characteristics… Philo♂sophy1 is another matter, that's an Internet meme.

Examples of Symbols are a little hard to find… Let's take the symbol "wall/barrier".

In fact, this symbol should belong to a more primitive concept, which is "to separate something from 'me'". Walls themselves, are used to construct "dwellings" such as houses. Over time, the concept of "wall/barrier" was extended to "protection". The other… An umbrella, for example, separates "rain" from "users"… So some Thaumatologists like to use the umbrella as a defensive operation, because it symbolizes the "wall" itself and has the concept of "isolation and protection".

It's the same when you're building the operation. If you want to create a flame, I don't think it's wise to include both the symbol of "endless flow" and the symbol of "water" into the operation.

The second is the use of spells in combination. The simple one is to use spells with the same attribute together, "Similarity assimilates each other". You have me inside you and I have you inside myself. I wonder what would happen if I used burst magic, which comes from the concept of "disintegrate", with disintegrate magic… Of course I won't use it here.

Further complicating matters is to use different forms of magic together. Take, for example, Chinese fangshi2…Don't mind, there's no big deal to compliment one's fellow countrymen.

There's a saying "there's no such thing as a free lunch," and the same goes for casting spells. If you're exposed to radiation from EVE particles for years, you're at risk for developing cancer, too, not to mention accidentally blowing yourself up or injuring yourself while constructing the operation. In short, thaumaturgy comes at a price.

Sometimes you pay the price, but the result is not what you want: the fire is too small, the water is too strong, or the shield is not strong enough… But now the way fangshi cast the spells appeared in front of the eyes of the people of the world. The answer to the question suddenly became bright and clear. Fangshi used the methods of "arrangement"3, "danmo"4, "borrowing magic"5 and "speaking spirit"6. …I'm sure Ms. Andrews7 has explained it clear enough for you… Here I will talk about "borrowing magic" and "speaking spirit".

Actually there's nothing magical about them, just a little unspiritual casting. It's a method of achieving stable casting results through communication and resonance with the inner soul during "borrowing magic" and "speaking spirit". But it can also reflect the creative wisdom of the Chinese fangshi: They understand that observation changes reality, and their souls can change the souls of the world. The combination of EVE particle casting and unspiritual casting makes fangshi's unique casting way ahead of other thaumaturgy casting methods… Earth only. This is a very vivid example of the application of thaumaturgy: analysis, combination, arrangement, experiment, application. All five elements needed for research on the application of thaumaturgy are included, and, of course, one of the main tenets of the Sanctum Sanctorum: infinity.

The same way of using it sometimes appeared on Theo-Thaumaturgy, too. Some Theo-Thaumatologists unconsciously project their belief in the deity into their operations when using EVE particles, which is also a mix of unspiritual spells and EVE spells. Strangely, this has never happened to Thaumaturges who use Thaumaturgy8, perhaps because of their lack of faith. As for the fangshi… They have folk beliefs. We'll talk about the difference between Theo-Thaumaturgy and Thaumaturgy later.

The future of thaumaturgy?

The future of thaumaturgy… I think it must be bright. Thaumaturgy is as convenient as high technology, and the study of Thaumatology is also the study of natural science. I expect that in a few hundred years, humans, too, should be making extensive use of tools developed based on Thaumatology. Recent near-future Thaumatology study has also produced good results in this area. The best example is the Roger, which still works. Of course, not everyone is bound to require using thaumaturgy, after all, there are too many ordinary people, thaumaturgy costs are also very large… Just wait and see. The only thing that worries me is the conflict between the Foundation and the Sanctum Sanctorum…You see, what the Foundation is asking for is to secure, contain, protect. But from the Sanctum Sanctorum's point of view, Some contained and secured things should not be treated this way. To do so is to break the balance of the universe…

Sorry, I said too much at once. We shouldn't be talking about this after the Foundation merged with the Sanctum Sanctorum… Both sides took a step back after the merger… It's also a matter of agreeing to disagree, I guess.

Class is over, next time we are going to talk about the Field and Magic Matrix. Put on some thick clothes to come to class, it's getting cold.

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