My Wife Was Impregnated With a Shuriken

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Fly-Island◆1DrR4EdEO 18/10/18 (Thr) 21:54:19 #03210729

Please listen to me for a second.

To preface, this is not a delusion or made up. I don't have schizophrenia or any other mental illness.

Don't laugh. I'm serious.

My wife was impregnated with a shuriken.

Membrain 18/10/18 (Fri) 21:55:59 #85864192

Is your wife a ninja?

Moonsalt 18/10/18 (Thr) 21:56:55 #30954020


Jester 18/10/18 (Fri) 21:57:01 #52937130

Below is a thread for writing your favorite sushi items.

hopperstep 18/10/18 (Fri) 21:57:30 #99895699

Whitespotted conger

JiM 18/10/18 (Fri) 21:57:33 #54653683

Striped jack mackerel

Fly-Island◆1DrR4EdEO 18/10/18 (Thr) 22:00:25 #03210729

No, I'm serious

Let me give some details.

33 years old
Office clerk

My wife
32 years old
Married for 10 years

I met my wife in high school, and we were each other's first loves.
From there, we fell madly in love, and then got married.
Even after marriage, our love has not faltered.
My wife makes me a boxed lunch every morning.
And I take her out on dates once a month.

But for the last half month or so, my wife has grown cold.
She's been a bit distant, and we haven't gone out for a night in a while.
Even when I asked her, she seemed reluctant about it, saying that she was too tired.
We were having healthy discussions, so I didn't think it was fatigue.

I suspected she was cheating on me.
My wife has been working overtime and coming home late, so I thought she might be lonely.
So I took the day off today, and put up a hidden camera to watch my wife's day.

LonePhil 18/10/18 (Thr) 22:01:01 #80910027

There's a ninja lurking in the shadows!

Moonsalt 18/10/18 (Thr) 22:01:20 #30954020


Fly-Island◆1DrR4EdEO 18/10/18 (Thr) 22:05:29 #03210729

After observing her for a bit, there was nothing amiss about my wife. She was doing the housework well.
She was cleaning places I don't normally see.
She accidently knocked down a picture of us that was hanging from the cupboard.
She gently put it back and smiled while looking at it.
I felt disgusted with myself suspecting her of cheating.

After lunch, my wife got tired and laid on the sofa.
I was a little tired too, and glanced away from the screen for a second.
But then…

Membrain 18/10/18 (Fri) 22:06:53 #09121893

No way…

Fly-Island◆1DrR4EdEO 18/10/18 (Thr) 22:08:11 #03210729

Sorry, I sent that on the way home.
My wife was attacked by someone.
It was from behind, so she was at the mercy of the attacker.
I didn't get too good of a look because I hurried home.
But that black suit… It could have been a ninja.

Moonsalt 18/10/18 (Thr) 22:08:58 #30954020


Fly-Island◆1DrR4EdEO 18/10/18 (Thr) 22:13:41 #03210729

I came through the front door, finding my wife with her pants off.
I shook her, but she wouldn't wake up.
I looked around for the attacker.
But there was no sign of anyone.
I was about to take my phone and call an ambulance, but I saw
I saw a shuriken in my wife's stomach.

LonePhil 18/10/18 (Thr) 22:15:02 #80910027

Did you call the police? You said your wife was attacked and impregnated with a shuriken.

Fly-Island◆1DrR4EdEO 18/10/18 (Thr) 22:19:18 #03210729

I called them, but I didn't mention the shuriken in her stomach at first.
I stayed with my wife, and didn't talk to the police for long.
My wife woke up after a while, but she had no recollection of anything.
I think she was still in shock after being assaulted.
She kept apologizing and saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," no matter what I questioned her about.
According to the doctor, she may have been drugged.
I have no idea how this happened.

Membrain 18/10/18 (Fri) 22:21:47 #85864192

Well, it's in the police's hands now. You'd better talk to them about it. If necessary, you should also ask them about getting some mental health care. Anyway, care for your wife.

Fly-Island◆1DrR4EdEO 18/10/18 (Thr) 22:25:01 #03210729

Thank you.
I can't wait to get home and embrace my wife.
I'm going through a really in-depth interview tomorrow, so I have to go over a lot of things.
I'll give an update in this thread, so please wait for me.

LonePhil 18/10/20 (Sat) 21:19:02 #80910027

Hey, didn't we have a thread about someone's wife giving birth to a shuriken the other day? What happened to it?

Claythorne 18/10/20 (Sat) 21:25:08 #19391106

I remember seeing that.
It must have been buried because of how active the karakoff thread was yesterday.

LonePhil 18/10/20 (Sat) 21:28:53 #80910027

I'm just worried because the guy said he'd get back to us. Did the Ninja get to him, you think?

Moonsalt 18/10/20 (Sat) 21:29:38 #30954020


Claythorne 18/10/20 (Sat) 21:31:48 #19391106

Well, either the police have been talking to him for a while, or he was trolling.

Claythorne 18/10/22 (Mon) 23:09:31 #19391106

No report today.
I mean, I haven't seen news of this anywhere else.
There's been a lot of festivities these past few days, so Parawatch has been very active.

Claythorne 18/10/24 (Wed) 22:07:31 #19391106

I haven't seen LonePhil around, either.

Claythorne 18/10/24 (Wed) 22:55:39 #19391106

Hello, anyone here?

Claythorne 18/10/24 (Wed) 23:59:58 #19391106

Was it really ninjas?

Moonsalt 18/10/25 (Thr) 00:00:00 #30954020


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