Object Class:Fifth

Special Contanment Procedures:An area with a diameter of 300 kilometers in the Bay of Bengal, where SCP-CN-1548 cluster is located, has been classified as a closed area, and all irrelevant personnel are strictly prohibited from approaching the area. Containment personnel associated with SCP-CN-1548 should enter the sea every 42 days to obtain updated information on the project.

Description:SCP-CN-1548 is a pentagonal starfish species found in the Bay of Bengal.It is believed to be a cognitohazard entity, usually manifested in one or more clusters. When humans directly observe SCP-CN-1548, they will suffer strong harm of cognitohazard.

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Consciousness Unconfirmed

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Clearance Confired,Retrieving Files

Item#:SCP-CN-1548 Level 5/1548
Object Class:Fifth Classified

Special Contanment Procedures:SCP-CN-1548 is now self-contained in the 3D world, so there is no need to host SCP-CN-1548. The investigation of the Fifth Church will be led by the Antimemetics Division. Alexi, a member of the Antimemetics Division, will visit Cognitohazard Containment Unit 3125 at Site-41 every 42 days to obtain information about SCP-CN-1548.

At present, no one is allowed to interfere with the containment procedures of SCP-CN-1548, which is aimed at minimizing the potential impact of the project on human society and the collective mental state of mankind.

A forged text has been placed on the surface of the archive as the measure to maintain the secrecy of SCP-CN-1548.

Description:SCP-CN-1548 is an extremely large fractal - dimensional complex, possibly a Apex Tier Pluripotent Entity.SCP-CN-1548 was confirmed by members of the Antimemetics Division of the Foundation on May 15, 2015, and is now convinced that the project exists in the fifth dimension.It is almost impossible to describe SCP-CN-1548 in any meaningful way because of its potential real-world impact.Little is known about SCP-CN-1548, other than its association with the Fifth Church, to be ignored.

SCP-CN-1548 has a partially invasive effect on reality and is able to alter reality at will to prevent research on it by any person or group.Since the nature of these reality changes are difficult to determine, any human affected by SCP-CN-1548 would not be aware of being affected by it.At present, the principle of SCP-CN-1548's impact on the main real world is unknown, so the research proposal for SCP-CN-1548 has been put on the agenda.

Since SCP-CN-1548 cannot be directly observed, all persons engaged in activities related to the exchange of information with SCP-CN-1548 will be considered directly members of the Fifth Church.

The remaining theoretical research results of the Antimemetics Division show that:

  • SCP-CN-1548 has a psychological impact on personnel, and the factors determining the extent of the impact are unclear.
  • The impact range of SCP-CN-1548 is confirmed in the known universe, and it is not known whether other universes are affected by it.
  • According to the known information, SCP-3125 may be related to SCP-CN-1548. At present, it is not known about any abnormal properties of SCP-3125, but according to various hypotheses and studies, SCP-3125 is probably only a projection of SCP-CN-1548.
  • SCP-CN-1548 is closely associated with the number "5".
  • SCP-CN-1548 was linked to the massive SCP-1425 outbreak that year .

Related Event-1548:On June 5, 2015, ███ USA, a concert was held in a plaza in ███ USA featuring "The Sea Constellation", an organization suspected of being associated with the Fifth Church. The music was mostly of a light style. But the high frequency source indicated by the Kant counter shows that the region is under the influence of a massive reality distortion effect. After the concert,the members of the Antimemetics Division, who were lurking The Sea Constellation, brought the lead singer of the band,Morgan back.

Attached Addenda-1548:The following are the findings of SCP-CN-1548 and its related organization, the Fifth Church.

Mail-1548:The attachment record of the Antimemetics Division.

Interview-1548:The following is an interview conducted by Alexi, a member of the Antimemetics Division, with the lead singer of The Sea Constellation.

Revision-1548:Revision of containment procedures for SCP-CN-1548 and investigation actions against the Fifth Church.

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