Fashisuto's Proposal
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Item #: SCP-001-CY

Object Class: Tiamat

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001-CY is impossible to fully accommodate. Therefore, we will set up and monitor at least one facility in an area where there is an independent claim.
In case of independence movement, we will hold talks with the group and if we find it beneficial to the Foundation, we will do that support activity.

Description: SCP-001-CY is a meme possessed by some races, occasionally causing riots and the like. The independence of most states is thought to be due to SCP-001-CY.

In 1816, our foundation was established as a multinational organization to study SCP-001-CY, but factors such as the stabilization of management of front companies etc. overlapped, and by SCP-001-CY meme reminiscent of 1923 It became a complete independent organization in. From this, it turned out that SCP-001-CY possessed not only colonists but also ordinary people.

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