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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, welcome to get Site-CN-133 weekly routine lecture, I am presenter, Xiǎo Fēi.

Please everyone take casually a seat. If you want to need mineral water, please pick up by yourself in the box by the door.

Mints are on the right side of the lecture and grilled sausages are on the left side of the lecture, if you want, also self pick up.

The coffee machine and electric tea stove are located on the right side of the lecture hall, to provide free coffee and boiling water for everyone, and care don't pouring too much hot water to avoid burning yourself or others.

The advanced mix-thaumaturgy-defense-system used in this hall has surpassed completely the old circles and reality anchor. To maintain the quality of the defense system, please make sure not to touch any red buttons on the side of the wall.

Besides, this lecture non-smoking throughout, so please don't somke in the indoor or on the windowside ect seat, otherwise the smoke alarm in the room will be triggered, affecting the normal progress of the lecture.

Restrooms will be temporarily unavailable during this lecture.

The content of my speech today has been distributed to everyone, please collect it and bring it back to watch.

Please bring your carry-on luggage to avoid leaving personal belongings in the hall.

This concludes today's lecture, thank you all for coming, goodbye.

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