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Overview of Project Aidita

Project Aidita is a technical exchange program with other parallel world foundations through "Aidita Parallel Connector" to enhance the Foundation's technological level.

The Aidita Parallel Connector can create a kind of pocket universe in which matter from each parallel universe can enter outside of the parallel universe itself; When matter from different parallel universes leaves the pocket universe, they return separately to the universe from which they came. The pocket universe was named "Aidita Interspace".

There are many different parallel universes with different laws and fundamental constants. When foundation staff in parallel worlds understand how the laws of science differ from one another, they can help each other do physics experiments in their own worlds that are difficult to do in other worlds, and use theoretical analysis to help each other improve their science, and vice versa.

In addition to advances in scientific knowledge, many key technologies have been shared between parallel world foundations: the present world foundation has acquired many of the devices that are now widely used or important from other parallel world foundations. Such technologies derived from Project Aita and their reverse-engineered products are commonly referred to as "Knowledge from Aidita(KFA)".

In addition to accepting gifts from other universes, the present world Foundation has dazzled other foundations with a series of technologies, such as the Scranton Reality Anchor, and even saved several parallel world Foundations from extinction.

But when the Aidita Interspace suddenly collapsed, the foundations of the parallel worlds lost contact with each other, and Project Aidita was frozen.

Project Aidita is very important to the Foundation. After the freeze, many applications and spin-off projects based on it had to be shelved; A lot of investment turned out to be a pointless waste.

Faced with this unexpected situation, Foundations in different worlds made different decisions——

Project Aidita is both the past and the future.

Event Log

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