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Ítem#: SCP-023-GR

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-023-GR is to be kept in a high-security containment cell built into a LEGO model that is connected to a circuit. This model should be able to collapse if SCP-023-GR teleports. Every 30 minutes every personnel in the site is to sit down or at least stand still. In the event of a containment breach, all personnel are to do the above while a D class wanders around barefoot and completely blindfolded to recontain it.

Description: SCP-023-GR is a red 2x4 LEGO brick of standard size and can be used in LEGO construction without any sort of abnormality. It is completely uniform in everything from size to color.
SCP-023-GR’s anomalous properties manifest every 30 minutes 5 minutes after the hour exactly (12:05, 12:35, 1:05 etc.). At this time, it will teleport randomly under the foot of one person in a one mile radius and cause considerable pain. It is able to pierce through shoes and boots, but, oddly, not through slippers. Despite causing immense damage to shoes, it does not cause any injury (except for a bruise in some cases). SCP-023-GR will teleport to people who are barefoot or cannot see if possible. In the event no one is walking in the one mile radius, the SCP will remain stationary.

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