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Item#: SCP-027-VN

Object Class: Neutralized Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Now, The unique test tube of SCP-027-VN is contained in [DATA EXPUNED]. SCP-027-VN's storage chamber have to be kept in the temperature which is smaller than 0, and have 24/7 CCTVs which are observed by 3 security guards. The containment chamber's door must be locked at all times, which can only be opened with the biometric code of two or more level 4 members. Personnel who is guarding SCP-027-VN are not allowed to know its true ability, but they will be told that it is something similar to SCP-008 to avoid unnecessary curiosity. Testing with SCP-027-VN on all living organisms is prohibited because of its ability can cause a DK Class Scenario.

Description: SCP-027-VN is a kind of liquid which is dark red, no smell, can't evaporate or freeze, but SCP-027-VN will lose its ability if it contacts with the temperature in the room or higher. Finding its ingredients doesn't bring any results. If any living organisms consum SCP-027-VN, they will have anomalous transforms which make they start to have anomalous abilities. The transforms' effect is different depend on the consumer. Some of the common features of the transforms are:

  • Pain in the transformation
  • Transforms are anomalous
  • The psychological state of the organisms that consum SCP-027-VN greatly affects the anomalous abilities the organisms have after the transformation.

SCP-027-VN was discovered after a raid on Dr. VCL's laboratory. During his arrest, Dr. VCL destroyed all of the test tubes containing SCP-027-VN in his laboratory, in order to prevent the Foundation from getting SCP-027-VN and taking it. However, his records of SCP-027-VN still remain in the laboratory database, which helps the Foundation find out the effects of this liquid and the organisms that consumed SCP-027-VN.

The following is a list of the subjects that have consumed SCP-027-VN:

SCP-027-VN-A event: Researcher used SCP-294 to obtain some SCP-027-VN. After entering the name "SCP-027-VN" into the machine, the machine obtained a cup containing the solution of SCP-027-VN, and at the same time, SCP-034-VN began to have convulsions. After being promptly rescued, SCP-034-VN lost his anomalous abilities forever.

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