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Item #: SCP-032-PT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-032-PT must be kept inside a sealed box, frozen in a refrigerator located on Site-21-PT. Two guards should protect the entrance of the containment area of SCP-032-PT at all times. Personnel attempting to enter without permission and/or invade the containment area must be detained and moved away from the location. Access to SCP-032-PT is reserved for Level 3 or higher Personnel.

After removal of SCP-032-PT from its refrigerator, it should be returned within 24 hours (see Appendix-032-PT-B). If the period is exceeded, syringes containing "Nechystakrov-032"1 should be administered in SCP-032-PT. The mandatory blood removal process for Class-D Personnel must be carried out at least once a week.

SCP-032-PT-1 specimens are to be contained in common vivariums, in a separate chamber. Such chamber is to be fully equipped with non-lethal chemical gas dispersers which will nullify the effects of SCP-032-PT-1, as well as multiple air conditioners. Individual care should be provided for each specimen, as well as the freedom to have basic needs (food, hygiene, hydration, etc). Mobile Task Force Lambda-4 ("Birdwatchers") is currently responsible for the observation and care of SCP-032-PT-1 instances. Should any specimen be able to escape via a containment breach, the use of rifles equipped with anaesthetic darts to recover SCP-032-PT-1 instances is approved.

Description: SCP-032-PT is a human heart, weighing ~340g. SCP-032-PT, even outside a human body, remains active and functions normally, although it is not able to pump blood. SCP-032-PT also does not have the capacity to deteriorate, even after several years. However, SCP-032-PT may resect, which is only prevented if it is kept in cold places, or with the administration of "Nechystakrov-032", which must be injected into the veins for proper functionality.2 SCP-032-PT's anomalous properties propagate after a period of time in which SCP-032-PT is exposed to sunlight. SCP-032-PT begins to exert adrenaline effects, accelerating to the point of expelling several adult specimens of picazuro pigeons (Patagioenas picazuro)3 via its aortic vein, all of which are designated as SCP-032-PT-1


Instance of SCP-032-PT-1.

Instances of SCP-032-PT-1 are docile, and have no abnormal physical characteristics compared to a common picazuro pigeon specimen. That said, SCP-032-PT-1 has the anomalous ability to create interference in air conditioners and/or fans, which can remain inactive for an indefinite period of time.

SCP-032-PT-1 does not have the ability to affect any object whose ventilation is not its main function but can affect objects in which ventilation is performed manually and that is its main function. Depending on the situation, this can be considered lethal (see Appendix-032-PT-B).

After the apparatus is unable to function, specimens of SCP-032-PT-1 tend not to resist, and decease.4 Regardless of the location of SCP-032-PT-1, after dying, SCP-032-PT will begin to secrete an unknown liquid substance, whose chemical elements are shared with tears. It remains unknown why SCP-032-PT has this substance, or how it is generated.

Appendix-032-PT-A: SCP-032-PT itself, was only discovered on ██/17 / 19██, in the city of ███ █████, in Pernambuco. Before its discovery, still in the same city, migrations of picazuro pigeon specimens to the southern region of Brazil, later revealed to be instances of SCP-032-PT-1, had been documented. Locations that had previously documented such instances before, also documented the absence of apparatus to relieve the heat in which the place suffered.5

After discovering that the SCP-032-PT-1 left the same site, which was a hut supposedly abandoned, expeditions were made to reach the place. Such expeditions were challenging, because of the distance from the place, the isolation of the place, and the extreme temperature in which the city suffered. Within the hut, a box containing SCP-032-PT was found, accompanied by SCP-032-PT-1 instances. SCP-032-PT, as well as other SCP-032-PT-1 specimens, were recovered and retained.

Appendix-032-PT-B: Index of incidents that occurred with SCP-032-PT:

  • Incident-032-PT-Alpha: After a containment breach caused by SCP-███-PT, instances of SCP-032-PT-1 were able to flee its containment chamber. Upon being recovered, it was reported that approximately ██ personnel of the Foundation had suffered accidents on behalf of SCP-032-PT-1 instances, and other ██ had died due to heat and/or a major defect present in the apparatus.
  • Incident-032-PT-Beta: After a series of tests with SCP-032-PT, it was forgotten to return SCP-032-PT in its refrigerator. As there were still no syringes containing "Nechystakrov-032" present in Site-21-PT, SCP-032-PT remained resected for ~32h. During this period, SCP-032-PT began expelling dead specimens of SCP-032-PT-1, without the presence of their feathers. Jointly, it began to secrete the tear-like liquids from his aortic vein on a larger scale. Personnel responsible for the incidents were punished accordingly.
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