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SCP-036-VN still in healing stage.

Item#: SCP-036-VN

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-036-VN will be put in a glass box in a room withtight security and a toxic exhaust system. SCP-036-VN just being allowed to access by Level 5 Personnels.

CAUTION: Purpose for using SCP-036-VN just for protecting an area from enemies' attack, or 'delaying' temporarily a disaster which affects large extent inside. Anybody use out of these reasons will be suddenly punished at that place.

Description: SCP-036-VN is a black cube, has a patterned 10cm on each side. When SCP-036-VN in recovering state, the pattern won't glow. But if SCP-036-VN in waiting for launching state, the pattern emits a light red light.

In addition to being indestructible, SCP-036-VN can make a shield wraps around over an area with a radius of about 500m taking the position it is lauched as the center; the area will be designated SCP-036-2-VN, the longest time it has ever existed is 59 days and 4 hours1. Nothing can destroy the shield wraps or go in or go out of SCP-036-2-VN. Inside SCP-036-VN, everything still work normally like before making the shield wraps. After lauching the shield wraps, SCP-036-VN will immediately fall into a 'Hibernation' state from several months to [REDACTED] years. SCP-036 can be lauched when someone take his/her own blood as a guide onto SCP-036-VN. The following are situations and possible result:

Situation Result
Completely voluntary with clear decision SCP-036-VN will be lauched and then enter Hibernation. Activators and persons related to them will age both physically and psychologically after SCP-036-VN is lauched significantly over the length of time that SCP-036-2-VN has existed.
Voluntary, but hesitant SCP-036-VN won't be lauched but will remain in Hibernation. However, this person and those related by blood to them will still age quite significantly.
Forced to lauch SCP-036-VN SCP-036-VN may or may not be lauched, but it will still enter Hibernation. The person who forces the subject to lauch SCP-036-VN, whether or not it succeeds, will suddenly disappear for unknown reasons, but those related by blood to that person will only age if SCP-036-VN is successfully lauched.

Note: In the situation that blood accidentally getting onto SCP-036-VN, nothing will happen.

Addendum: Because of SCP-036-VN's anomalous properties, personnel level 4 and above and personnel with a blood relationship to highly authorized personnel are not permitted to use SCP-036-VN unless otherwise there is a unified order from the O5 Council. Any personnel wishs to lauch SCP-036-VN need to be certain of their decision in advance and fully committed to volunteering to lauch it.

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