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Item #: SCP-038-VN

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: One (1) 1.6m-high pedestal is built directly below SCP-038-VN, due to the nature of the object, so it does not require containment. The pedestal was built to let the personnel pay attention to it and not to crash SCP-038-VN when they are wroking. SCP-038-VN is currently in a 5m x 7m x 10m containment cell at Site 19, this size is for testing it easily and also being used to store some equiments. Tests on SCP-038-VN need the permission from a level 3 or higher personnel to prevent the equiment from accidentally damaging.

Description: SCP-038-VN looks like a Tesseract Cube but it is always immobile (from Earth) and indestructible. it has 2 cubes, a small inside and a bigger one outside. The outside cube has a length of 10cm on each side and 6 sides is made of a transparent material of unknown origin. After some experiments, the material isn't a material on the Earth. The inside cube has a lenght of 5cm on each sides, black. Impossible to reasearch the material of inside cube because of the outside cube.

SCP-038-VN is completely immobile from Earth, indestructible, and also immovable. It is always in the following state:

  • Temperature: 32 degrees Celsius
  • Location: About 1.6m from the ground.

Personnel and researcher know SCP-038-VN as the name "Bermuda Cube" and know exactly its appearance (They didn't see or read about it before). When they are interviewed, no one can answer that why they know it. Even the blinds can write its name althrough they don't see it.

In addition, "Bermuda Cube" has another ability. When a drop of water is poured onto the top surface of SCP-038-VN, the drop will slide to the ground as if it were an inclined surface. Researcher have shown that the upper surface of SCP-038-VN has an inclination of 0.

Test A

Date: July 2nd████
Subject: SCP-409
Procedure: SCP-409 was transported to SCP-038-VN and was allowed to contact with the cube
Result: After SCP-409 contacting with SCP-038-VN many times, Notthing happened to SCP-038-VN
Note: After the test, researcher are trying to make a material like SCP-038-VN

Addendum SCP-038-1-VN

██ 16th ████: SCP-106 escaped from its containment cell and ran after a Level 3 Personnel to SCP-038-VN's containment cell. SCP-106 went through SCP-038-VN and left the black liquid on it, but "Bermuda Cube" didn't show any signs of damage. After about 9 minutes, Personnels completely sent SCP-106 to its containment cell.

December 31st ████: SCP-239 (before replacing class to Keter) was allowed to contact with SCP-038-VN and nothing happened which SCP-038-VN when SCP-239 used her ability
Note: SCP-038-VN can be used to prevent another SCPs, this proposal is being reviewed and researched

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