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SCP-067-CZ in standstill.

Item #: SCP-067-CZ

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-067-CZ must be cointain in stone box at least 10 meters from corridor. Box must resist strong hits from SCP-067-CZ. SCP-067-CZ must receive daily dose of water to survive. Because SCP-067-CZ can resist fire, must going to be found effective cointainment procedure, due to possible escape. If SCP-067-CZ make seeds, the daily dose of water must be lowered.

Description: SCP-067-CZ is piece of tree suggestiving wooden child. Tree, from which SCP-078-CZ comes, is not known. Was find by ██████ ████████ in █████ woods near Site-██. After manifestation of SCP-0067-CZ anomalies, █████ contacted police, from which Foundation be learned. After the SCP-067-CZ came to a standstill, it was transported to Site-██, where it is held until today. SCP-067-CZ is agressive after he get water, but hour from delivery water, he comes to standstill, when he not danger. If he dont get water a week, he comes to agressive state and attack to animals and humans of range 10 meters.

Interviewer: Dr. Clarke
Interviewed: █████ ██████ hereinafter referred to as the Discoverer
Foreword: Dicovever was interviewed circa 10 hours after SCP-067-CZ was contained. Discovever was quite upset during interview, but he cooperated.
Dr. Clarke: Hello.
Discovever: Hello a doctor.
Dr. Clarke: Can you please describe what happened when you brought SCP-067-CZ to your home?
Discovever: From start nothing. It seemed, like nice looking piece of tree, which looked beautiful in my garden.
Dr. Clarke: When was start manifest the anomalies?
Discovever: Right after I poured it. It started to grow fast and stretched for me.
Dr. Clarke: By what?
Discovever: I dont know. I describe it like tentacles, but that seems like branch.
Dr. Clarke: What you do?
Discovever: I was escaped. After while, I was return with match to lit it.
Dr. Clarke: And work it?
Discovever: If it could, it wouldn't be here anymore, would it?
Dr. Clarke: Calm.
Discovever: Well OK.
Dr. Clarke: What was happened, after you lit SCP-067-CZ?
Discovever: He start burn. But he not dying. More like he got stronger.
Dr. Clarke: What do you after it?
Discovever: I was callled police. There they laughed at me. After it, I was contact by you.
Dr. Clarke: What he did in the meantime SCP-067-CZ?
Discovever: After hour, he shrunk and stop burn. It was like miracle!
Dr. Clarke: OK. Thanks to your time.
End Log Note: The Discoverer was filed amnestic class C. He was moved and his house was destroyed. The soil was later dug up.

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