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Object no : SCP-549-FR

Threat Level : Black

Object Class : Safe

Special Containment procedures: SCP-549-FR is to be placed inside a standard security box, inside a Faraday cage; the presence of other electric anomalies, even contained ones, near the containment site of SCP-549-FR is forbidden.

Access to SCP-549-FR is strictly reserved for authorized personnel only when approved by site director. Because of the danger posed to the Veil, activation of SCP-549-FR is strictly forbidden. A security team must always be present on site, in case of external attack. In the event of a containment breach, the destruction of SCP-549-FR is authorized, as in the hands of antagonistic actors, as SCP-549-FR can theoretically be used to intentionally active an XK scenario, as described in the addendums.

Description: SCP-549-FR refers to an anomalous electronic device created by anartist Patricia Longfolk, associated with "Are We Cool Yet?". SCP-549-FR, as used as a piece of anart, was only used once in public for a "test" performance by P. Longfolk,1 before her murder and theft of the SCP-549-FR by G. Meunier. SCP-549-FR is a computer chip, possessing a digital enter/exit circuit of 5 Volts, used to control SCP-549-FR's anomalous affect.

The interior of the chip contains a set of first-rate thaumaturgical seals made of copper imprinted on a standard epoxy board: which act in tandem as an electro-thaumurgic artifact of high quality, of which the method of fabrication and the exact function are still mostly unknown.

SCP-549-FR's anomalous effect presents itself when between its low state (less than 3 Volts) and its high state (more than 3 Volts.) on the controller circuit.

When activated, SCP-549-FR exchanges the position of the nearest human being with a random human being from our universe. This exchange appears to be instantaneous and without any noticeable negative side effects, aside from those which may arise from being teleported to an already dangerous position. P. Longfolk intended to leave the anomaly in a public place alongside a button and a sign labelled "Ever wondered if the grass was greener on the other side?"

Addendum 1: First appearance of SCP-549-FR

Context: Video published online the 7th of June 2015 at 8:01 PM on, an online forum known for talking about and exchanging information on the paranormal.2

[Video Transcript: A masked man appears on screen. A second man is gagged and tied to a chair. The masked man reads aloud several passages from banned publications in a pitched up voice, then several names of occult GoIs unknown to the general public. These elements are not recorded here for reasons of confidentiality. After a pause, the masked man begins talking again.]
Now, may I please have your attention. This is a message to all the rulers of the world, to all three pillars and their allies in the dark. Rest assured, it is in your best interest, as it is for the rest of the world, to listen to this till the end. I have simple demands and the method to obtain them.
[Video transcript: the man pushes a button on the table in front of him. Behind him, the gagged man is teleported and replaced by another man with a different skin tone. He begins obvious signs of panic. He is still tied up, but the gag falls out of his mouth. He begins to yell in Vietnamese. The tied up man begins to struggle against his restraints. The masked man walks over, attempting to put the gag back on the other man. The restrained man bites the masked man, who curses. The masked man successfully puts the gag back on the tied down man. The masked man looks back and points towards the camera.]
This machine has capacity to exchange the place of 2 people at random. Its activation right now is controlled by this button. If I were to push it as fast as I could, I know it would certainly cause you many problems, but nothing that you couldn't deal with, just 8 people a second at best. But I don't need to use the button. It's all electrical.
This could be achieved with any processor; I am thus going to activate this device with a frequency of 3.2 gigahertz. Just think. More than a million activations a second.
You know what'll happen. The end of your miserable secrets, to start. But this won't stop there. Lots more will die: it won't be easy to stop for that next stoplight, or to survive when your doctor becomes a banker. Once the machine is launched, it'll be impossible to stop: for that, you'd have to be able to stand in front of your equipment for more than 10 minutes. Nor will you be able to activate any of your dead man's switches. Nuclear arms, or god only knows what other kinds of apocalyptic auto-defense weapons, will all go off in less than 24 hours.
I repeat, I have simple demands and the method to obtain them. Rest assured of the seriousness of my threat, I have the world in my hands.
I demand the immediate release of Monique Brie, Farrid Serrin, and Beatrix Szakal, who have all been illegitimately and illegally detained by your services. Their liberation must be filmed and broadcasted on BFM TV before tomorrow, the 8th of June, 2015, at 8 pm. Otherwise I'll have no choice other than to execute my plan.
Show yourselves to be reasonable men for once and be wary of the fury of a just man. You have 24 hours.

Addendum 2: Recovery of SCP-549-FR

The risk is rapidly judged serious and a procedure of investigation is established from the first release of the video, in collaboration with the GOC. The masked man could not be identified from the video, but the second person, (gagged, Vietnamese) is identified within the hour as Luong Cao Tri, fisherman. 30 minutes later, the identity of the first man (the one sent to Vietnam) is found. The man, detained by local authorities, appears to be released several minutes before our services were alerted by an unknown man of our services.

By the first information and by the presence of a scar on the left leg while he was attempting to regag Tri the masked man is identified at 9:02 PM as Patrick Meunier, professor of technology at the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes College in Frignicourt. The man was unknown to our services and was not found at his house.

At 9:22 PM, the Foundation Calling Center received its first call reporting on the subject, providing information on the identity (already known) of the masked man for a fee.3  At 9:43 PM, the call center is saturated with calls: demonalogists, voodoo practitioners, thaumaturgists, mercenaries, freelancers, etc.

At 9:47 PM, the Foundation is already in possession of 167 methods for the finding, assassination, or the capture of G. Meunier; the GOC possesses double in the same hour. Because of time saved from paid informants, and our own investigations, G. Meunier is formally identified at 9:56 PM, at 35 street des Ormes a Limoges, in the house of Patricia Longfolk.

From 10:00 PM, a number of movements are observed towards their house, both on the part of allied and hostile forces. This slows our services down. [We will note between other numerous groups of mercenaries, there was a team of Chaos Insurgency agents, the Sabbatical Circle of Languidou in its entirety, 3 groups of anartists close to P. Longfolk, a reporter for Le Monde Cache, and also 2 members of Parawatch,4] Each group is carefully stopped to guarantee the success of our mission.

For fear of being incautious, the assault begins at 10:43 PM, after being assured that the individual was alone. Due to an escalating situation online,5 the order is given to eliminate G. Meunier is given to speed up the mission, and to make sure that he remains alone inside the house.

SCP-549-FR is found inside the basement of the building. Luong Cao Tri is found alive. The corpse of Patricia Longfolk, apparently killed by G. Meunier, is also found in the same room.

Addendum 3: Post-assessment of the mission.

The way G. Meunier came into contact with Patricia Longfolk is unknown.

No trace of Monique Brie, Farid Serrin, or of Beatrix Szakal was found in our databases, or that of the GOC. None of the arrested parties of the 7th of June had any information regarding them. None of the offers regarding information about G. Meunier spoke of them, and no person contacted could find proof of their existence.

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