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Item#: SCP-691-VN
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


SCP-691-VN's image when it was detected the first time. The image was taken by Geologist Đạt

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-691-VN is put in a 5cm plastic cube box, a magnet is put in the bottom side to detect if it breach the containment. The box is place in Doctor Allenson's office's cabinet, at VOLCANIC BEE base at ████ island, Hawaii. All test relative to SCP-691-VN need the permission from Doctor Allenson or a level 3 personnel.

Description: SCP-691-VN is a can of Sweetened condensed cow's milk, checking the appearance and depending on the label is worn show that it's now have any anomalous points and completely similar to the can of "Ông Thọ" Sweetened condensed milk of Vinamilk, except it's head is covered by an unknown rubber sheet and always in tension, all attempts to cut or punctured the rubber sheet by external forces are unsuccessful. SCP-691-VN show that it's a durable can and it's different from another normal cans at the same kind, SCP-691-VN can withstand temperatures up to 5000 o C, withstand strong impacts of up to 50000 N without seeing damage or distortion. All attempts methods searching inside SCP-691-VN are unsuccessful because ò its anomalous properties, however monitoring of the schematic diagram show that SCP-691-VN is always empty inside.

All living creature observe SCP-691-VN continuously for 5 minutes will show symptoms of temporary weakness, fatigue, poor vision and drowsiness, if observed for more than 6 minutes, 100% of the subjects will fall into a state of unconsciousness or are no longer able to observe. Electronic devices such as cameras, if continuously observing SCP-691-VN, will [DATA EXPUNGED], which limits and makes it difficult to contain SCP-691-VN.

At sometimes, SCP-691-VN will disappear, make a containment breach and will appear at a position which is 25m far from the old position. The poisition is in the place that cameras are limited and less people notice. This behavior means that SCP-691-VN are spying some, usually is the personnel works in the containment site. Finally, SCP-691-VN will appear at the nearest position and explode. It makes the victims be suprise, shock and scared, through they have a stable mentality or know that before. The mechanism and principle of the explosions are randomized. The explosions of SCP-691-VN usually quite small but the detonation is big, and they usually doesn't do harm to the people around, but some dangerous explosions were exlode in a safe position. Almost the explosion will go with random things are throw from inside SCP-691-VN. The explosion make its rubber sheet has a hole on it and it will re-create slowly. It is currently unclear how SCP-691-VN is able to insert objects larger than SCP-691-VN's size. Victims that SCP-691-VN chooses are usually appear to be overly serious or not serious about their job.

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