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Item #: SCP-CN-2753

Object Class: Keter Archon

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-2753 is considered an anomalous phenomenon affecting the whole of Earth's area and cannot be effectively contained; however, the Foundation is still testing various containment methods in hopes of finding effective containment measures. Further information can be found at Site-CN-82-α's Information Terminal.

Prior containment measures rescinded. A latent restructuring scenario has already occurred.


Scene after SCP-CN-2753

Description: SCP-CN-2753 is an irreversible anomalous phenomenon strongly linked to SCP-CN-2918; this link manifests in the order in which these phenomena occur. SCP-CN-2753 will occur 5~7 days following SCP-CN-2918.

SCP-CN-2753 affects items seen as bird cages, causing them to oxidize rapidly over a short period of time to the point where they are completely rusted and lose their original function. Besides the occurrence of SCP-CN-2918, the following warning signs occur prior to an occurrence of SCP-CN-2753:

  • Birds in the area will begin to call out at various rates; different species of birds call at different rates, but the rate is constant among birds of the same species, producing a similar "performance" event to those caused by SCP-CN-2918.
  • All objects seen as bird cages will lose their effectiveness; in other words, they will be unable to maintain a closed, locked state.
  • All complex non-electric mechanisms will rapidly rust, but there will be little effect on their functionality.

Similarly to SCP-CN-2918, SCP-CN-2753 additionally possesses the following anomalous qualities:

  • Observations have shown that each type of bird call has no limit on its length; however, when a human subject attempts to cover their ears to avoid hearing these calls, the subject will be unable to hear them until they desire to hear them again. However, they will still hear bird calls every morning.
  • When SCP-CN-2753 manifests, all objects seen as bird cages will no longer be functional, but once all bird cages within its area of effect have lost function, SCP-CN-2753 is considered to have "completed its first stage of effects" and bird cages constructed or introduced following this will function normally.

On one occasion, it was observed that all birds within the range of effect of SCP-CN-2753 gathered and "performed" Für Elise using their calls1; this piece had often been played in the parks in the area. The connection between the two is still under discussion.

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