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Item#: cn-3215
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-3215 is kept in a reinforced glass containment tank 4 meters tall, 15 meters long, and 9 meters wide, filled with water which has been treated to replicate a temperate ocean environment in Site-42 (see document SCP-CN-3215-1-H-22 for specifications). Vegetation in SCP-CN-3215's habitat is to be maintained twice a week (see document SCP-CN-3215-H-19 for specifications). It is forbidden to enter SCP-CN-3215's tank for 30 minutes before and after feedings.

SCP-CN-3215 is to be fed five (5) kg of raw meat and fish, three (3) times a day. Once every five (5) hours, this meat and fish is to be injected with non-toxic fluorescent dyes (see document SCP-CN-3215-1-G-4 for specifications). The tank is to be lit with techno coral for SCP-CN-3215

if any civilian encounter SCP-CN-3215 they are to be brought in for questioning, and are to be administered Class-G amnestics and is to then either be administered Class-G amnestics or to be terminated after the consideration of their evaluation.

Description: SCP-CN-3215 is a half techno troll & half Shark same size as anthony ramos having fins instead of legs His Hair is A Bit White, And Arm Colors From Dark Red To Light Red. & A Shark Dorsal Fin On His Back, shark belly, and gill-like ears. He has dark blue skin, With Some Blood Squishing On His Flipper. His Eyes, With Eyes Glowing Red On His Pupil And A green mouth Teeth Sharp with yellow teeth.

SCP-CN-3215 used his neon glow to hunt the victims SCP-CN-3215 will continue to stalk its victims for an extended period of time, victims see SCP-CN-3215 glow cease, and CN-3215 attacks. In an attack, SCP-CN-3215 uses its teeth & arms to bite and tear the victim apart, after which it will consume them, often starting while the victim is still alive.

during a containment breach. SCP-CN-3215 jump out his containment cell.

SCP-CN-3215 kills 17 of the researchers 7 Security officers & 19 D Class. they fired one bullet after another but its keep killing one another they even used anti-tank weapons causing the body of SCP-CN-3215 to be gone but it was still able to move forward & destroy the entire team.

that's what SCP-3219-IT came in & shot a sleeping dart SCP-CN-3215 to sleep for 1 hour and its back to his containment cell during a D Class test SCP-CN-3215 kills 3 of the D Class members and 6 D Class reman & go to sleep for 1 hour intill wake up and continued to Swim in his containmet cell.

Addendum SCP-CN-3215 SCP-CN-3215 was found in hong kong beach during a party 12 people saw some 100 sharks 23 killed 200 people 1 saw a shark but is a Humanoid shark is was glowing not like sharks do it was SCP-CN-3215 came in and kill all of 29 people scp foundation came in shot a sleeping dart put to sleep for 1 hour & put SCP-CN-3215 to Site-42 in a containment cell. SCP-CN-3215 explained what happened in the past years in beaches when during some shark attacks is the best hunting food and killing people.

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