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Item #: SCP-ES-157-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-157-J has been successfully deleted from all historical records. Any allusion to the existence of SCP-ES-157-J should be identified and removed as posing a threat to normalcy.

Description: SCP-ES-157-J is the phenomenon that occurred on November 20, 1975 and that would kill Francisco Franco Bahamonde, Spanish military and dictator. More information about the anomaly can be found in the following document originally drafted by The Special Security Commission, which would come into the hands of The Foundation after the dissolution of the group of interest.

Madrid, Headquarters of The Special Security Commission Station

To November 20 the year 1975 (█)


Hereby and to whom it may concern


of the discovery of an unnatural phenomenon that was hidden under the sheets of the Generalissimo, specifically in the gravity point of his body, the pelvis.

The phenomenon was distantly produced by forces that can only be attributed to the worst of our enemies and the Evil One himself. The Generalissimo, due to his condition, was not able to confront in the most optimal of conditions the demons by his own hand, which fell under an out-of-this-world control.

The objective was clear, to suppress the point of gravity in the body of the Generalissimo. But there was resistance, the movements went from top to bottom, from left to right, brutally and mercilessly. Uncovered rags and open sheets, the wind caused by the intensity of the battle blew everything around him. It was the Generalissimo against the Evil One.

The intensity of the struggle was enormous but the Generalissimo, even in sickness, was able to turn the battle in his favor. Devil's henchmen appeared and swirled around the energies dispatched in the quarters, communists, with their tails, soothed the forces of the Generalissimo, an unjust battle, but one that was fought without hesitation and with fierceness.

The confrontation would last two everlasting minutes, when finally the Evil One and his allies of the communist Judeo-Masonry would give us that night the most terrible news. The sheets stained white and then red. The Generalissimo fallen under his own hand, by forces beyond this world.

Franco is dead.

By the regulations of this house, I ask the Command to assign me all your men to communicate this terrible news to all of Spain.

With respect, as of November 20, Thursday, 1975, in Madrid.


Madrid, Headquarters of The Special Security Commission Station

Internal Operations Command

To November 20 the year 1975


A completely unexpected event

Say that the Generalissimo died in a brave fight. It is not necessary to give more details to the press.


Addendum: Reliability of the information

Various staff members with access to SCP-ES-157-J have questioned the reliability of the information provided by these documents, claiming that they are strange in comparison to the rest of the Commissariat's files and that nothing anomalous actually happened that night. The Foundation reserves the right to respond to these criticisms.

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