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Item: SCP-ES-186

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SUPREME TESSELATION protocol will be used to centralize the containment efforts under a cascade of events in 4 phases:

  • Maintain a cadastre of existing SCP-ES-186-1 transmissions,
  • Identify possible SCP-ES-186-3 manifestation points according to the AEGIS system,
  • Lead the development of possible inoculation against SCP-ES-186-2,
  • Suppress all collateral damage of SCP-ES-186 under any means available.

Blocking SCP-ES-186-1 has currently proven impractical due to logistical constraints. All SCP-ES-186 messages addressed to the Foundation should be expunged from the logs and all viewers amnestized. As a security measure, all personnel assigned to SUPREME TESSELATION shall have a Cognitive Endurance Index above 150 and score above 85 on the Milgram Obedience Test. At any sign of organizational questioning, use of the experimental counter-conceptual amnestic "Despoilment" and reassignment to other projects is authorized.

MTF φ-8 ("Electroventriloquism") will be tasked with mitigating any SCP-ES-186-3 concentrations that trigger episodes of civil violence through special radiometric control equipment and disinformation. Given the side effects of overexposure to SCP-ES-186-3, the φ-8 corps will be rotated on each deployment.

Description: SCP-ES-186 is a television signal transmitting antenna that appears to exist at multiple points on Earth at the same time. SCP-ES-186 instances tend to appear at random locations on the Earth's surface, usually on oceanic bodies more than 300 km from land or major shipping lanes, making them difficult to see with the naked eye. Any attempt to deliberately target the presumed locations of the antennas will cause them to move to another location at random, always appearing in places far from the population.

SCP-ES-186-1 corresponds to transmissions broadcast in unison by SCP-ES-186 instances, which are generally received on TV sets with analog antennas that are tuned to static for more than six minutes between 12:00 AM and 5:00 AM1. With a ~5% probability, the televisions will broadcast a variety of programs similar to those that might be seen on public television, such as newscasts, soap operas, movies, cartoons, reports, documentaries, and commercials. However, all of SCP-ES-186-1's documented programs allude to the existence of various types of totalitarian governments (some with an anomalous basis) in their origin. SCP-ES-186-1 is not anomalous per se and its transmissions can be blocked by a Faraday cage.

SCP-ES-186-2 is a set of memetic elements present along SCP-ES-186-1 transmissions. These agents are presented as visual, phonological, melodic or narrative elements, in an exposed or subliminal form. The Memetics Department has identified that these agents behave in a modular fashion, reinforcing their effects on the human mind the more they are perceived over time. In turn, as enough of them accumulate in a critical mass, they will act as psychometric triggers that will generate an isolated telepathic network between subjects affected by SCP-ES-186-2, and turn them into repeaters of the signals emitted by SCP-ES-186. If a second critical mass of affected people (called SCP-ES-186-3) gathers in a relatively small area, they will begin to work together with the aim of generating instances for the enactment of a totalitarian government. Typically this is seen in the form of protests and acts against the established order of their local governments, and, as more people join SCP-ES-186-3, the acts will become better organized and effective, though often more violent and notorious to the community at large.

Documented SCP-ES-186 transmissions

Sample representation of anomalous transmissions detected at Site-3. To view the full document, request Level 2 clearance.

Code Content Memetic agent involved
186-1-001 The beautiful blue flag - A series set in the 'United Mexican States', in which they take advantage of the events of the U.S. Civil War to subjugate the Southern Confederacy as a satellite state. It stars Adam Lovelock, an industrialist who seeks to turn the Confederate states into a prosperous place based on progress during the Reconstruction era. In this reality, slavery was not abolished. The bar scene, where Lovelock says the phrase "Half measures don't exist, water is water and oil is oil, they serve their purpose but they won't be useful to you if you mix them" to his partner Hadowell.
186-1-018 Katerb airlines - Airline advertisement, promoting several destinations with special discounts, and showing places of interest. It is remarkable the constant presence of defensive structures, especially anti-aircraft, in each of the destinations. Because of the similarity of the flags and the single currency, it is assumed that it is some form of economic-military union. Vexillological design2 present in all the landscapes. When the wind blows, the flap makes its sigils intermingle, spelling out messages3.
[At this point, there were minor incidents at Site-3. The memetic filters in the transmissions were increased.]
186-1-031 The wolf's mouth of infinite teeth - Documentary program that narrates the events of a war of great proportions that took place in Southeast Asia and that would become a world war years later. This war is set in a time equivalent to the 19th century, and culminates 34 years later with the victory of the 'Pan-Oceanic Empire of Siam and Australasia'. The documentary is subtitled in English and Portuguese and has a strong proselytizing nature. The credits song, a melody composed in F mixolydian ♭7, whose lyrics allude to 'those who could not fight and therefore deserved subjugation'.
186-1-057 "Teghlari Ngukhaew" - Newscast in an unknown language, apparently made up, with an extremely reduced vocabulary. The content of the news suggests that it is a regime of religious cut, with two notable figures prayed to after each news item. Based on the locations shown and the weather forecast delivered at the end, it is inferred that it would correspond to post-glaciation survivors on Earth. They deploy highly advanced technology. Gatillo fonotáctico de la forma Phonotactic trigger in the shape /VɣɮV/.4 present in the language of 186-1-057.
186-1-088 1956 Transleitania Olympic Games5 - 16th edition of the Olympic Games in the nation-state of Transleitania, eleven years after its secession from the Austro-Hungarian Empire still in existence at that time. Somogyi István, representing Transleitania, won the silver medal in the triathlon discipline by a difference of 1 minute and 47 seconds against Boudewijn Westhuijs, from the 'Kingdom of Flanders'. Subsequently, Somogyi István was executed. Chants from the audience, who shouted A király figyel téged6 repeatedly in the jogging phase of the triathlon, when István was overtaken by Westhuijs.
186-1-166 [REDACTED] Energy drink. - Advertisement for an energy drink, in an altered version of Spanish. The images show children between 10 and 17 years old in high-risk industrial and construction work, in what appears to be an ecumenopolis7. A unique trademark is visible on all buildings, objects and elements of the advertisement. The product name, as well as the brand logo. Due to the high memetic load of the transmission, some incidents were generated in Site-3.
186-1-243 Government Public Service Announcement - Governmental alert to warn about communities "disconnected from the parthenoospheric network" after a sharp drop in the number of thoughts processed by the central units. They ask the population to look for them in order to connect them to "network #541", under punishment of sending them to that same network in case of refusal to collaborate. The eyes of the subjects looking directly into the camera. Of note is their characteristic blue-purple color, as well as sounds of stringed instruments rubbing in the background of the audio.
186-1-498 Under the stars - A Late Night Show style program starring an individual known as "S. Lambert", similar in appearance to a Homo neanderthalis, where he interviews several beings of his own species. It can be seen that both S. Lambert and the other H. neanderthalis present show reality bending capabilities. No instances of H. sapiens are seen in the program, but they are referred to, calling their genetics "poor" and "a pitiful misfortune". The events that catalyzed the SK-Class Dominance Shift event are shown. Narreme [INFOHAZARD EXPUNGED] and the chroma background of the stage where cities with a remarkable gothic architecture can be appreciated.
186-1-611 [UNKNOWN] - A space agency celebration. Six astronauts are seen being injected with an unknown liquid prior to rocket launch. Based on the images, the subjects were found guilty of high treason and punished with 'immortality'. Applause from the population, the entire audience is observed to be expressionless. Three subjects are executed on video. [REDACTED]

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