New Statement Of The New Limit On ListPages And Content
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1.The limit on ListPages

After the discussion of the administrators group, because of the reasons below, the use of ListPages in normal items(any entries in SCP CN) will be limited.

  1. It will make the pages too complex, which leads to the decline of the readability of the contents and is against the normal dissemination of the information.
  2. Wiki has defects in statistics and support of Offset(ListPages) and it is not convenient for our statistics and management.
  3. There's a trend of the abuse of ListPages, which is beneficial to the creation and exploration of new ideas.

All in all, from now on it is forbidden to use more than 3 ListPages in normal items in any form(The entry itself is also a page, thus maximum page value can't exceed offset/2).


  1. The limit is only takes effect in official items and does not affect other pages such as J/ex/tale/personal pages. ** And it does not affect published entries.**
  2. "ListPages" also includes the similar effects which are made by CSS or JavaScript, but whether it exceeds the 3-pages limit depends on the situation.
  3. The limit of the number of ListPages is independent of the length of the text, and the empty pages or skip pages are also considered as one page; meanwhile, no matter how long the texts are, as long as the number of pages meets the requirements, it will not be affected.
  4. For those who especially like the creation of ListPages,we will relieve the limit under special situation(such as using specific tags).

2.The changes of the limit on content

The following prohibits will take effect from this very day. Existing contents will be gradually deleted or edited.

  1. Any positive description of suicide or self mutilation is prohibited.
  2. Any action of imitating the announcement of the government of The People's Republic of China or the names of the government organ/post is prohibited.

The following contents are no longer advocated and may be edited in extreme cases.
It is strongly recommended to use obscure clinical tone with black bar ███ or [DATA EXPUNGED] to achieve similar or better descriptive effect. This is also the consistently mainstream strategy of other language communities.

  1. Involving to direct description of bloody or curious objects.
  2. Directly relating to reproduction or human organs.
  3. Description with negative orientation to mental health.

The above new limit will apply to items, tales, personal pages, canon hubs, and even some translations and artwork/images.

SCP Foundation is not a easy subject to create, it is not even a pure Chinese subject, it has a high threshold and is more difficult than other subjects. If you try to change all the standards according to your interests because others try to lower the threshold for you, to put it mildly, other subjects are obviously more suitable for you.

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