The Beauty Of Nature
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Good morning me. Thirsty, must water. Stream is cold water, get water from stream. Grass is soft, cold from morning. Makes hoofs cold. Grass is -

hard. Grass no hard. What is?


Grass no hard. Hard is on grass, not grass. Must inspect.


Hurt from Hard! Grass no hurt! Hard is bad. No touch the Hard. Must away from the Hard.


Another Hard behind! Hard is everywhere. Should not grass, grass is soft - I ask for grass to soft, it soft for me - Hard does not soft when ask for soft. Hard is mean. Leaving Hard, must water.

Stream is cold because I ask for it to cold - thank you stream! Stream is nice, better than Hard. Must water.


Why I Tangle? Did not ask for a Tangle, but it is. Leg stuck in Tangle, hurts to move legs. Tangle is strong, but legs is stronger.


Tangle hurt leg! Blood belong inside, please stay inside. Thank you.

Must away from the Tangle and the Hards. Into trees.

Need safe - why do trees not give safe when I ask? Trees usually nice - what wrong?

Hello Jaguar. Why are lying down when not sleep? Why you hold pointy stick with side? Wake up please.


Jaguar now is scream? Jaguar is pain, why pain? No pain, only happy. Jaguar is eater, not eated - why scared? Oh, it back to not-sleep. I will leave this time.


in neck! Blood belong on inside, please stay inside - please listen! Why blood no listen? Whyy bllod nnno lstn ?

sl ep n oww

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