The Legendary Wand of Morgan Le Fay
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GoI: "Das Wunderkabinett"1.
Medium: Flier
Place and Date of Discovery: Sjhlfels am Rhein, Freeport-08; 01/05/2008
Accompanying Commentary: The document transmits a few harmless memetic effects conveying information and advertising. Copies of the flier written in both English and German have been recovered.


Every Witch, Sorcerer and Wonderworker has days when a trusted familiar lets you down, or when a ritual just doesn't work the way it should. For this reason, Mages have been using magical wands for millions of years, but not everyone has the skill to create these useful tools.

Therefore, Das Wunderkabinett, renowned for their fantastical wares, presents the supernatural world with a revolutionary product of outstanding quality. Introducing:

The Legendary Wand of Morgan Le Fay


The secrets of this staff were once thought to be lost to the magical community. However, thanks to recent information from our collaborators, the historians of the Mage's Academy of Sjhlfels am Rhein, and lodges of the Tatzelwurm's Paw and the Dinodon's Hand, Das Wunderkabinatt was able to reconstruct the wand's design. Each wand is carved from authentic Isle-of-Avalon ash wood and contains a Beryllium-white-gold is an alloy compliant with EIMN standards and manufactured in accordance with EIMN-666 and ISO-9001.beryllium-white-gold core.

The traditional craftsmanship of our artisans means that the staff is able to guide your natural flows and ethereal energies for maximal effect with minimal resistance, enabling you to perform even the most advanced workings and spells without suffering any backlash.

Models vary in length from 15 centimetres to as long as 50 centimetres, but can be produced up to 190 centimetres long on request.

Each staff is tailored to your personal Attunement to soul wavelengths greater than 100 fAe may result in complications.Soul Structure on purchase, and therefore cannot be activated by anyone else. Additional personal customisation is available on request, creating a wand that fits more comfortably into your grip. To meet the modern standards of the current century, every wand's surface is sealed with our in-house varnish, rendering it fire-proof, water-repellent and resistant to the influence of foreign powers.

If requested, additions to the material and design can be made. However, it is recommended that any additions be manufactured from a material with a magical conductivity of at least 2 AeEL, found primarily in trees with a heightened connection to astral-esoteric meta-space and the noosphere. If a nature-spirit or underworld entity takes up residence inside your wand, it can be encouraged to move on using commercially available products, including consecrated liquids and Das Wunderkabinett Friendship Cookies.

As a bonus with your purchase, you will receive a two-year warrantee from the St. Lucifer Law Firm: At your side in difficult times, with a 99.99998% chance of success.
Contact us at:
• HEL 666 13 44

Please don't read the fine print
St. Lucifer Law Firm

 Warning   Das Wunderkabinett is not liable for accidents caused by improper use, either inside or outdoors. Misuse of the staff as a blunt weapon may lead to confiscation of the product by Das Wunderkabinett. Improper use or the casting of untested spells and rituals may result in potentially permanent physical harm to the user, including (but not limited to) mutilation, decomposition, explosion, implosion, transmutation and transformation. If you have a disagreement with your staff, Das Wunderkabinett is not liable for covering the cost of a mediator. Use of the object during thunderstorms and insertion into body orifices are not recommended. Das Wunderkabinett does not accept discounts, other than official discounts from the Mages Academy and the Wanderer's Library. Payments in kind are only accepted by prior arrangement. Compensation will not be provided in the form of currency, employment, honor duels and/or a romantic dinner/lunch/breakfast with employees and/or the owner of Das Wunderkabinett.

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