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MTF Dseda-81 ("Desperta Ferro")


Motto: Despērātio hostibus (Bring desperation to the enemy)

Mobile Task Force Mission: Specialized and equipped for suppression and direct combat against anomalous entities and hostile groups, MTF Dseda-8 is in charge of dealing with threats that need a prompt and quick response, as well as capturing bases of antagonistic Foundation groups.

Assistance in the containment of objects:

MTF Mu-5 ("Pro Gamers")


Motto: Noster initiālēs īnsunt cacūminibus (Our initials rise to the very top)

Mobile Task Force Mission: When the anomalous takes the form of a game, it's the mission of the Pro Gamers to counter it. The Mu-5 Mobile Task Force is a group specialized in the containment of games and gaming devices of an anomalous nature, being responsible for the establishment of response measures to their effects and in the investigation of their origin and characteristics.

Assistence in the containment of objects:

Action Reports:

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