Dinodon's Hand
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Dinodon's Hand

Korean Serpent's Hand

Serpent's Hand Korean Lodge, SH-KO


We are the……

一. 【ORGANIZERS】 who try to organize the unorganized capables and struggle for consolidation and expansion of the organization, in order to abolish every discrimination against the capables.

一. 【SUCCESSORS】 who follow the dying injunction of Elder Jeon Woo-chi who died in 1568 CE, inheriting the merits of our foreparents, and liquidating their errors, ceaselessly renovate ourselves dialectically.

一. 【SOLIDARITY】 which joins the international society of the Serpent's Hand, respecting its line, and upholding the international solidarity in case of need.

一. 【GUARDIANS】 who guard The Library, the treasured house of knowledge of all sapient beings from every universe including ours, from the gangs seeking its destruction.

一. 【PRACTICERS】 who never forget the ideal of anarcho-syndicalism originated from our terroristic anti-imperialist struggle in 1920s, and strive to practice this ideal while we manage and administer our organization.

一. 【EGALITARIANS】 who struggle to change the reality of victimizing the capables and forgetting the wonders, in order to maintain the system ensuring the wealth of the few by exploiting the many.

一. 【SCIENTISTS】 who do not refuse the modernity and scientific civilization, and support any attempts and efforts trying to explain the wonders scientifically in the dark.

一. 【HUMANE】 who never place ourselves against humanity and always pay attention not to make collateral damage to civilian, from our operation.

一. 【PROSPECTORS】 who never doubt that human society must embrace the existence of the capables and the wonders, thus prepare the inevitable convergence between paranormal and normal worlds.



the driving force of knowledge production,
the bearers of knowledge preservation, and
the main agents of knowledge revolution,

successing the foreparents' dauntless struggle over around five hundreds years,

participating in the enormous torrent of international solidarity's struggle,

form the autonomous and democratic Korean organization of the capables,
Dinodon's Hand thus.

We, under the banner of struggle,
pledging our creed and united together by fierce comradeship,

declare that we will fight vigorously until the day

when the existence of the capables is guaranteed
and the wonders become the subject of understanding,

so that our abilities and knowledge can contribute
human dignity and historical progress.

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