Dinodon's Hand

Dinodon's Hand

Korean Serpent's Hand

Serpent's Hand, Korean Lodge, SH-KO


We are…

一. 【ORGANIZERS】 gathering the unorganized Capable, and struggling for the consolidation and expansion of our organization, in order to abolish every form of discrimination against the Capable.

一. 【SUCCESSORS】 following the final injunction of Elder Jŏn Woo-chi as he died in 1568 CE, building on the merits of our foreparents, while correcting their errors and ceaselessly engaging in dialectical self-criticism.

一. 【IN SOLIDARITY】 with the international society of the Serpent's Hand, respecting its positions and upholding international solidarity in times of need.

一. 【GUARDIANS】 protecting The Library, that treasured house of knowledge belonging to sapient beings from every universe, including our own, from all who seek its destruction.

一. 【PRACTITIONERS】 never forgetting the ideal of anarcho-syndicalism, originating from our militant anti-imperial struggle in the 1920s, striving to practice this ideal as we manage and administer our own organization.

一. 【EGALITARIANS】 struggling to change the realities that victimize the Capable and conceal Wonders in order to maintain the system that ensures the wealth of the few through the exploitation of the many.

一. 【SCIENTISTS】 not rejecting modernity or civilization, but supporting all attempts to scientifically explain those Wonders that are currently mysterious.

一. 【HUMANE】 never placing ourselves in opposition to humanity, and always taking care that our operations avoid collateral damage to civilians.

一. 【PROSPECTORS】 never doubting that human society must embrace the existence of the Capable and of Wonders, and preparing for the inevitable convergence of the paranormal and normal worlds.



the driving force of knowledge production,
the protectors of knowledge preservation, and
the principal agents of knowledge revolution,

inherit our foreparents' dauntless struggle over the last five hundred years,

participate in solidarity with the torrent of international struggle,

and form the autonomous and democratic Korean organization of the Capable,
hencefore known as the Dinodon's Hand.

We, under the banner of struggle,
pledge our allegiance to this creed, and unite together in fierce comradeship,

declare that we will fight vigorously until the day

when the peaceful existence of the Capable is guaranteed
and Wonders become the subject of understanding,

so that our abilities and knowledge can contribute to
human dignity and historic progress.

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