Director Bold's Proposal
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Item #: SCP-LA-001

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any object affected by SCP-LA-001 must be supervised by individuals speaking its containment-required language (CRL). See Protocol 001-Alpha.

Description: SCP-LA-001 is the physical limitations of the application of human languages. Some anomalies cannot be described or acted upon by individuals conceptually identifying them in particular languages. As a result, containment of various anomalies is impossible for individuals or groups which think in particular languages.

Affected Objects Log: Abridged log of various anomalous objects affected by SCP-LA-001. Full log is available upon request.

Designation CRL1
SCP-LA-001-1 Russian
SCP-LA-001-2 Japanese
SCP-LA-001-3 Chinese
SCP-LA-001-4 Russian
SCP-LA-001-5 Spanish
SCP-LA-001-6 Japanese
SCP-LA-001-7 Spanish
SCP-LA-001-8 German
SCP-LA-001-9 Japanese

Addendum LA-001.1: 3 months after the discovery of SCP-LA-001, 18 SCP-LA-001-affected objects were found, with a Spanish CRL. As a result, the Spanish division was created for the containment of Spanish-CRL anomalies. Shortly following the incident, divisions were created for every CRL.

Addendum LA-001.2: 11 months after the discovery of SCP-LA-001, O5-8 sent the following request to the rest of the O5 Council:

Issue: Almost 600 SCP-LA-001-affected anomalies have been found. Individual divisions are incapable of dealing with the increase in SCP-LA-001. SCP-LA-001-affected objects may soon constitute a majority of SCP objects.

Proposal: Division of the SCP Foundation into different branches for every CRL.


  • Support: 7
  • Oppose: 6


Protocol 001-Alpha has been initiated. See Addendum LA-001.3.

Addendum LA-001.3: Protocol 001-Alpha could not be successfully initiated, as SCP-LA-001 was found to be partially affected by itself. The following proposal was made to correct this:

Issue: SCP-LA-001 is affected by SCP-LA-001.

Proposal: Creation of SCP branch to contain SCP-LA-001 using its CRL.


  • Support: 8
  • Oppose: 5


To allow for the successful initiation of Protocol 001-Alpha, a branch of the SCP Foundation has been created for SCP-LA-001's CRL, Latin. SCP-LA-001 has been redesignated to match this.

Addendum LA-001.4: The following is a complete count of all anomalies that are affected by SCP-LA-001, arranged by CRL. English is considered the "default" branch, and refers to unaffected anomalies.

CRL Contained Anomalies
English (Unaffected) 10,844
Russian 8,316
Japanese 7,640
Chinese 7,412
Spanish 6,991
Korean 6,058
French 5,672
German 5,184
Italian 4,315
Thai 4,209
Polish 3,916
Ukranian 3,863
Portuguese 3,337
Czech 2,984
Latin 843
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