Discography of Midnight Blossom
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[Previous band name] "Straight On Till Morning"


You Might Shine Bright But Death Shines Brighter (Demo published on MySpace. No existing physical copy. No better image resolution. But the songs are shared online) - 2007

  1. Torn Shirts
  2. Queen of Lungs
  3. You Might Shine Bright But Death Shines Brighter
  4. Countdown Activated ★★
  5. Moonlight Shadow (metalcore cover)

Midnight Blossom


Lotophagia - 2009

  1. Countdown Activated ★★
  2. Riddle of the Sphinx ★★★
  3. Lotophagia ★★
  4. Architect of the Dead
  5. My Teeth, Your Hand
  6. Hubris ★
  7. Sorry Sir I Only Believe In False Gods ★★
  8. Eat Your Words
  9. Get Wrecked, Utnapishtim
  10. Five Arms Five Swords ★★★★★
  11. Baby This Is Called the Icarus Complex ★
  12. Party at the End of the World

Cut my Feet Off, I Want to Fly - 2011

  1. From the Gutter to the Stars ★★★★
  2. The Very Next Day
  3. A Blessing and a Curse
  4. When I Say Jump Ask Me How High ★★
  5. Bag the Evidence
  6. The Stars are Calling You ★★★
  7. Cut my Feet Off, I Want to Fly ★★★★
  8. I Am Jack's Will to End his Life
  9. Last Scene ★

Hide Your Third Eye (EP, pochette cartonnée) - 2012

  1. Hide Your Third Eye ★★★
  2. Serpentine ★
  3. Trial by Combat ★★
  4. This Isn't an Interlude ★
  5. Star Signals in your Bones ★★★★★
  6. Riddle of the Sphinx 2012 ★★★

Extinction Event - 2014

  1. Haze of Yesterdays ★
  2. Extinction Event
  3. Breathing Ashes, Coughing Tar ★★★
  4. Ghost Lineage
  5. Dead Clade Walking
  6. Endlings (interlude)
  7. The Great Dying
  8. Lazarus Taxa
  9. Falling Forward ★★
  10. Ozymandias (interlude)
  11. Look on my Works ye Mighty and Despair
  12. And Another Eon ★

Revolution of Stars - 2021

  1. The End is a Beginning ★★★★★
  2. Smoke and Mirrors ★★★★
  3. Revolution of Stars ★★★★★
  4. Where the Universe Goes ★★
  5. Upside Down World ★★
  6. Aberration of Light ★
  7. Magellanic Clouds in your Lungs ★★★★
  8. Please Crush Me Andromeda ★★★
  9. Archonts are Watching ★★★★★
  10. The Fermi Paradox (Has Nothing on You) ★
  11. Escape Velocity ★★

Passiflora MajorToday at 03:58 PM

Hello my little Flowers! I made an updated version of my old guide to the Stellar Secrets rate of all Midnight Blossom songs. I know we were all blown away by the new album! I couldn't believe my ears either, especially after Extinction Event disappointed us all so much, years ago! So, the rules are the same as for the old list: the priority songs to share to recruit new members are the ones with the most stars next to them! ♪(^∇^*)

Rhizom_RiddlerToday at 04:10 PM

Why four ★ for Smoke and Mirrors? The references to nortal are pretty vague in it.

Ancolie [types slow (▒)]Today at 04:12 PM

have you listened to it ?

Rhizom_RiddlerToday at 04:13 PM

Yes, but I'm not sure what Passiflora sees in it. I don't speak English very well.

Ancolie [types slow (▒)]Today at 04:16 PM

if you've done your exercises, you don't normally need to speak it
it goes directly through the crown

KyrilliosToday at 04:16 PM

Hey it's okay not everyone is as receptive as we are
Personally I think that it's not perceptible without a secondary Access or else you need to have a damn good crown or third eye
That being said I think that the Secrets are still very conductive even for the uninitiated

Passiflora MajorToday at 04:18 PM

He's right! The whole album is highly conductive. We just don't realize it as much because we're immersed in it, but I guarantee you that the Archons know

Datura CountdownToday at 04:23 PM

im a big fan of the alliterations that almost make "far" sound like "ffvar" on aberration of light but otherwise yeah one star is pretty fair
i wanted to bitch about that and then i saw that icarus complex from 2009 was one star too even if theres the green and yellow breath in it even if its in small doses
so yeah no its fair

[SAXI]frag GrenadeToday at 04:25 PM

Rereading the list I realize that I always forget that the Hide Your Third Eye EP exists, I tend to mentally put its tracks on the CMFO tracklist

KyrilliosToday at 04:25 PM

CMFO = ?

[SAXI]frag GrenadeToday at 04:25 PM

Cut My Feet Off
By the way, we never found the book that Star Signals in your Bones talks about, did we?

Passiflora MajorToday at 04:27 PM

Never. I've been looking for it for years! I'm sure an old friend of mine has a way to get one from the Library, but I can't go there alone and we don't talk to each other anymore. Apparently the para-governmental foundation that regularly crashes our irls has censored the book on a global scale. (¬︿̫̿¬☆)

Datura CountdownToday at 04:27 PM

literally 1984

Ancolie [types slow (▒)]Today at 04:30 PM

unpopular opinion probably but I don't like the cover of the new album
I really liked the old drawings
(it took me a long time to type this because of my bandage, sorry)

KyrilliosToday at 04:30 PM

Sending you strength for your healing Ancolie
I like the cover, it reminds me of Lotophagia, and it's cool to finally see Aisling on a cover after like 13 years lol

Ancolie [types slow (▒)]Today at 04:33 PM


☆ExCigue☆Today at 04:35 PM

I swear I listened to Please Crush Me Andromeda and I had a sick reverse tkkei towards the window I would have put one more ★ even if it lacks clear Instructions
If we can make one of these tracks trend on tiktok it MUST be The End is a Beginning, it's more radio-friendly than Archonts
@Passiflora Major I have an idea about how to do this by the way go pm

Passiflora MajorToday at 04:37 PM

Go, go ლ(╹◡╹ლ★)

it's belladone, bitchToday at 04:40 PM

I still can't believe they dropped something so connected to the kqive after seven years of nothing. SEVEN FUCKING YEARS

KyrilliosToday at 05:31 PM

Off topic but I'm so happy to be here
It's almost like having a family again

Passiflora MajorToday at 05:33 PM


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