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Gentlemen, gentlemen. Keep calm, I know that everyone here is highly concerned about the subject we will be discussing today.

Look, gentlemen, I am fully aware of what is happening in Latin America and other Hispanic areas. They have no one to defend them from the vile creatures that dwell beneath our homes.

They don't have a guardian hand to stop the evil that stalks us. So today, I, Wolgang F. Sickleworth, declare the creation of the Hispanic Branch of the SPC Foundation. From this day forward, no one will ever again fear going out to the street and running into a shark, because we will have punched it.

No one will ever be afraid to go to work and get fired, just because your employers are sharks! Why?! Because we will have punched them. You won't be afraid to let your kids play outside just because a shark might abduct them! Because we will have punched it all over its damn malformed fish face!

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, I announce that the SPC Foundation, the Center for punching the evil motherfuckers that are the sharks, will from now on also be active in the Spanish-speaking world.

We solemnly swear to defend every man, woman and everything in between from the dangers that are sharks. We will punch every one of their stupid faces, we will even reach out of our boundaries and punch them in their torso, or maybe in their tail. Who knows how far the possibilities may go? The sky is not the limit, because today I am also announcing the creation of another of our new branches: THE SPC-ES, ES is for EXTRATERR-ES-TRIAL. Nothing will stop the SPC Foundation from keeping the world safe from all aquatic threats.

Any questions?

[At that moment, three guards appear out of nowhere and drag away agent ██████, who was instructed to ask this question. No one has seen him since.]


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