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I sit and think, this is never going to stop. Again, tied to nothing, I am nothing. We are nothing. A void in existence. In non-existence. There is a hole that forces me back, what is this that I see, I…

Am something.

"Alfonso, come take a look at this."

There were two gentlemen sitting outside the great cathedral. One wore a cassock, the other a transparent rosary. The scent of lavender was palpable, and each gray hair on their heads reflected the hours they had devoted to their God.

"Vulture-men? This has got to be a joke, right?" He said arranging his ecclesiastical clothing.

"I don't know… I feel like we should go inside." He hesitated in his judgment as he fixed his silver and gold chain.

"Our Lord God is capable of anything, but this sounds like nonsense. The texts say nothing about vultures."

"And when you are on your deathbed, those who play in the heavens at being angels will fall, and you will see the truth; for you are not worthy to go to the kingdom of heaven. And they shall descend, and that day shall be your last day as a thing of one piece; for your mind and soul shall be separated, and your body shall wander forever and ever in great sorrow." He stopped talking and looked at the floor.

"I see… but is it really like this?"

"Want to prove it? Let this day pass and we will be free."

"Mmm… alright." He affirmed before seeing something black on the horizon.

Walking on walls, on top of ceilings, coming out of sewers. One, ten, fifty. A horde of small bird-men with hairless, skinless heads revealed themselves, and behind them charged an army of humans, increasingly angry, running, all running.

Why do they run? Might they…?

Yes, they know. Like the devil in a handbasket, they closed the big doors of the church and descended the stairs to nowhere.

Along the way, Father Alfonso had remembered his books of divine magic and praying to his only God, the saints, and the apostles, he created barriers that remained standing thanks to his faith. He would not allow them to reach that precious place.

Why am I in this place? It's a big… bookstore… and, I feel like a thousand thousands of words see and hear me. It's weird, yes, but I can't understand why they are words and not people. I feel a tock tock tock tock… it's… stairs?

As the door closed behind them, they looked ahead at the great and wonderful library and all the people in it. The bush always burns. The bush is one, and one with God.

"Do you know more about this, Raul?"

"I don't remember well, but I do know where to find him, follow me." And he started up a flight of stairs.

Thirty steps up, forty steps forward, cross to the right, ten steps. We arrived.

"I was here some time ago, I remembered reading about those who came before the Great Inciter, and I met them." He picked up a book and dusted it off.

The Void from Cain to Abraham was the name of the book, and Raul opened it to page eighty.

A rumbling. It was kicking, it was screaming, squawking, sobbing, flapping, splashing, crying, punching, moaning. It was madness.

The wood of the doors let in the crimson liquid of men, for from the skirmish they threw their hearts through the sky.

The monks were waiting on the other side of the door, waiting for it to be broken to use the divine word. They were three upright timbers to stop the crusade.

Three, two, one, zero.

"Mmm… it's weird. I haven't seen this here before, maybe it's just me after reading half a library I'm starting to hallucinate. Anyway, read this." And he opened to page 68.

Alfonso began to read, and looked quizzically at Raul, and Raul at him.

68, The Illumination of Lamec.

To the descendants of the giants, to their children's children, and to their children to come. Hear the word of the Lord.

Fear the descendants of Abel and Eve, for their idolatry will perish on the day of all saints.

Lamec, son of Methuselah, patriarch of Noah. To him the glory of contemplation.

His days were five hundred and fifty-five.

"You shall not be in the fields of the flesh-chewing birds; for from them lust is born,"his child Sarai looked at him, "Father, from where are the birds to be born?"

"Those birds with bones for faces are born of thee, son. For when the reaper comes to claim your body, they who play at being angels will fall; for it is the truth that will come after.

"Wow, it looks like what you told me is your interpretation" Alfonso replied at the reading.

"Basically, but you understand this part, it's basically what I said but in another way, we can skip it and you can read it if you want," Raul replied, eager to continue with his reading.

And our lord, will he save us? Said Sarai to him.

The birds descend only upon those who go against Jehova, our Lord; for pestilence and agony will be for those who follow falsehood.

What about the One Who Keeps the Secrets of the Lord?

The Lord does not have to keep secrets, for his truth is always present; and if we tell him a lie, he is not our Lord. Your Baul is the false God of the Evites and Abelites..

What is he like; your false God?

Look at the night, child. Shake the stars and pull the moon towards them, and make them night. That is the God of the Evites and Abelites; who is in the chaos of the night.

"Chaos? Hey, don't you think the guy who wrote this speaks in a very modern way?" Alfonso asked.

"Maybe it could be because of the translation, this is not the original text." Raul replied.

"Well, read on."

I get up I sing and dance. I am what I am with amam-amamam, what I am-amam amamam…

All the saints and apostles fell upon the black plague that entered, praying to remove it, as it advanced to the back door.

Every image was broken and every pew was broken. Every offering and every water was swallowed and every sanity was broken. And now they go down the back stairs.

And there are thirty-five barriers of faith before they reach the end.

Tock, tock, tock…

Father, what will become of the false God?

Daughter, on the day when the false God comes, all the land and every soul will be invaded. Adam's people will be returned to their primordial state and there will be no soul on the face of the earth that can save you-

"I'm sure that's not a translation…" said Alfonso.

"Mmm… Should I continue? After all, all we have left is to pray and wait." replied Raul fearfully.

"What else."

Father, what are the Evites and Abelites like? Have you met them?

They are warriors who do not deserve the love of our Lord Yahweh.

69, The Illumination of Lamec.

Take a good look at them, son. Recognize them when you are near them, for they are pack mules. The Evites are mountain animals, they graze, and their fur covers them so that God's blessing does not touch their skin. The Abelites look through your soul and ask you if you would like to go with the Evites, for they claim to be the bearers of light. Recognize them by their snout and mane, look at them well, for they are tough of flesh.

Father, why do the birds stalk us?

Have you felt the Blessing of our Lord Yahweh in this place? They want to steal it. They are descendants of the Evites and Abelites. By stealing it, they can make all peoples believe that God is with them, and now they are coming for us-

"This is getting strange…," said Alfonso.

Look at them then, they descend from a great cloud and escape from the gates of madness. They run through the fire of the Lord who was set before us to cease to be nothing. And on their way, they divert the Lord's flock and stalk them with whips and cries. The blood, the joy of copulation, they draw nearer and nearer…

Father, that's not-

Praise the Lord, praise him, praise him, praise him. For it is he who will save us when the gates are broken down and down the stairs to the truth. To the stairs where the Evites and Abelites can return after being devoured by their false God…

Thirty-five. Thirty-four. Thirty-three…


Thirty-two. Thirty-one. Thirty…

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want for anything… hahahahaha… He will lead me through green pastures, and in the valley of the shadow of death he will not forsake me….

Twenty-nine. Twenty-eight. Twenty-seven…

To the viper, the viper of the sea, this way you can pass, those behind you…!

Twenty-six. Twenty-five. Twenty-four…

We are twenty-three short, and we still have no hot dogs.

Really, waiting is suffering. I still see the words and I can feel them… I don't know if it's right what I'm going to do…

Twenty-three. Twenty-two. Twenty-one. Twenty. Nineteen. Eighteen. Seventeen…

I wait to awaken from the lethargy of my God, for I have made him my false God to deliver the people of Adam. For we are not the crawlers they think we are, we are brothers of Canoites, Ninites and Zeruites, who once fought against our non-existent God.

Sixteen. Fifteen. Fourteen. Thirteen. Twelve. Eleven. Ten…

The bush, the bush always burns for us. We want to make the bush, and the alliance between God the almighty father, and the angels and the archangels, to be one with you. For that, we have to bring the false God back to yes. To become something real, and be seen as evil, something that should not be followed…

Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three…

And their days were seven hundred and seventy-seven. And the Evites came and we atoned them for all the evil in his mind, while the rancor of the false God pursued us in the heavens, and then he departed. And he died.

"Why did he only make it to three…?" Asked Raúl.

"Are you serious?! You're gonna ask that?! This is… weird, and it's like it's related to what you're… Wait a minute, let me turn the page."

70, The Illumination of Lamec.

Two. One. Zero…

The door was thrown open and the flock of vultures began to disperse through the library. They no longer looked like just a mob, they had a goal, it seemed, for they stood in a circle and the people following them began to stand in the center as one by one, they were eviscerated and excised of their vital fluids.

And from among the pile of people that had been made, a man appeared. And Raul and Alfonso were astonished. It was an Evite descendant, he spat into nothingness to calm himself as he stroked his fur. With one of his quasi-hands he pointed to Raul and Alfonso who were on the second floor of the library observing everything. He lowered it, and descended through the pile of corpses.

The vulture-men opened his path and guided him to the stairs which he climbed to reach the second floor. The angels of the remains stood waiting, while he avoided walking towards the helpless men of faith, awaiting their fate, but uneasy, for though the word of the Lord was with them, they were men.

And those below rested, and the one above sat opposite the two sons of the bush and looked at them.

"You are believers, right?" Asked the Evite.

"… I think this question is too much to ask." Replied Alfonso.

"Yes, I say this so that you will believe my words. The point of all this is… to set them free from their sins. That they may be exempt from everything strange that besets them, that which is not the work of the Lord. But, this is necessary, and I believe they could be its bearers."

Raul and Alfonso looked at him strangely.

"The God of the Evites and Abelites is coming, and I want you to be sure, for I trust you, the light bearers, to carry this message of hope. When we disappear, the only thing that will bring us back will be what made us disappear. I knew people like you a long time ago, and I know you cannot let us down, eh? Bramble? Take this message with you, and always watch the doors of your sanatoriums. The only crazy ones are those who don't want to see reality."

The pungent stench of scavengers and human merged into one, and melted Raul.

Alfonso…, Alfonso looked. He looked at himself, at all sides. He wanted to vomit, he wanted to vomit, HE WANTED TO VOMIT HE WANTED TO VOMIT HE WANTED TO GET RID OF THE SUFFERING OF THOSE WHO EXIST IN INEXISTENCE.


And his mind went blank.

N#: 58 Subject: D-41235 Time Transpired: 3 days
Psychic Profile: Male, 30 years old. Christian.
Resulting Note: With him remains the key to all evils that may befall us. May the Lord be with you.
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