Secure Facility Dossier: Site-PL-101

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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Anomaly Transport & Supply Depot Hub Site-PL-101

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Specialized Anomaly Transport, Supply Depot Hub, Miscellaneous Research & Provisional Containment Site

Site Identification Code: PLPOHE-Site-PL-101

General Information


Site-PL-101 Survaillance Tower Aleph

Founded: 19 September 1893

Founding Director: Prof. ██████████ █████████████ ████████

Location: Hel, Pommerania, Poland.

Cover Story: Polish Government Institute of Immigration

Site Function: Anomaly Transport, Supply Depot, Anomalous Archeological & Ornithological Research, Miscellaneous Safe-Class Anomaly Research.

Size: 0.38km2

Anomalies Transferred Under the Jurisdiction of Site-PL-101

ID Number Object Class ID Number Object Class
SCP-PL-005 Safe SCP-PL-152 Safe
SCP-PL-007 Euclid1 SCP-PL-097 Safe
SCP-PL-016 Safe SCP-PL-156 Safe
SCP-PL-021 Safe SCP-PL-160 Safe
SCP-PL-023 Safe SCP-PL-188 Safe
SCP-PL-0292 Euclid SCP-PL-174 Safe
SCP-PL-052 Safe SCP-PL-197 Safe
SCP-PL-077 Safe SCP-PL-199 Safe
SCP-PL-078 Safe SCP-PL-208 Safe
SCP-PL-104 Safe SCP-PL-2473 Ticonderoga

Site Regions

Admin Wing

Administration Office:
  • Office Area: For general administrative purposes, the office area houses the Research, Facilities, HR, and Director's Office.
  • Medical Facilities: In case of an accident of either anomalous or non-anomalous origin, a state-of-the-art medical facility is accessible to staff at all times.
  • Common Rooms: For recreational use during breaks or while off-work. Various forms of entertainment such as reading material, televisions, movies, and video games are available here.
  • Cafeteria Lounge: A mess hall where a variety of meals are made available to staff throughout the day.
  • Gym: Outfitted with a wide variety of gym instruments to cultivate and encourage good physical and mental health for personnel.
Administration Office Substructure:
  • Research Area & Laboratory: A modest research area by typical Foundation standards, Site-PL-101 possesses a small laboratory for the purpose of archeological & ornithological research and is occasionally used for inspection of anomalies in transit through the site's jurisdiction.
  • High-Value Safe-Class Anomalous Item Storage: Storage area for high-value items in need of additional security during transit through Site-PL-101.
  • D-Class Personnel Barracks: A small cell block consisting of 4 two-man cells. A single isolation chamber is available for use as punishment in case of insubordination.
  • Server Room: An on-site server farm housing a secure, isolated network and digital archive for facility operations.
  • Primary Nuclear Reactor: An experimental miniature Generation V Gas-core reactor is utilized as the primary power source for all Admin & Harbor Wing operations.

Harbor Wing

  • Anomalous Item Repository: Two interconnected warehouses for the temporary storage of Low to Medium-value anomalous items in transit through Site-PL-101.
  • Shipyard Office & Supply Depot: Housing all the necessary tools and materials to maintain and repair any and all Foundation ships passing through the harbor.
  • Provisional Living Quarters: Temporary living quarters for off-site and port maintenance personnel.

Security Post Iota

  • Security Post Iota: Located in the forest along the shoreline of the southernmost point of Hel peninsula, Security Post Iota serves as the headquarters for Site-PL-101's Security forces. The post has been equipped with Radar antennas for close surveillance of the Gulf of Gdańsk, with limited capability further out into the Baltic Sea.

Trans-Wing Subterranian Tunnels

  A series of underground tunnels connecting all areas of the Facility, constructed to   maintain secrecy and to avoid any potential risk to the town of Hel during transport of   anomalous objects.

Staffing Information

Site Director:
Agata Dąbrowska (LL.M.)

Deputy Site Director:
Eryk Czerwiński

Human Resources Delegate:
Aleksy Bobek (MBA)

Facilities Superintendent:
Dr. -Ing Izajasz Wacha (M.A.E, MID)

Procurement and Logistics Director:
Włodzimierz Kasprzycki (DMgt)

Site Head Researcher:
Dr. Nadia Galkowska (Sc.D)

Containment Specialist:
Radosław Karwacki (M.Arch)

Medical Director:
Lekarz. Róża Lemieszewska (DNAP, DHSc)

Chief of Security & Inquiry:
Agent Emil Wróbel

Ethics Committee Liaison:

On-Site Psychologist:
Irena Glowa


Site Director, Agata Dąbrowska.

On-Site Personnel:         

Staff Doctors: 12                 

Staff Researchers: 27           

Administrative Personnel: 38

Maintenance or Janitorial: 55

Security Personnel: 39     

D-Class: 8          

Other Personnel: 114     

Total Population: 293       

Recent Notable Incidents

Site History

Founded by visionary Prof. ██████████ █████████████ ████████ on the 3rd of September 1893, seeing the need to assert the Foundation's control throughout the Baltic Sea she organized the construction of Project Balticum. A project that would see the construction of several facility nodes on the shores of countries surrounding the Baltic Sea, with Site-PL-101 at its center. Assigned to the supervision of a Council of Directors composed of several of the Foundation's most reliable senior members of staff, Site-PL-101 went on to quickly establish itself as the central supply and anomalous transportation hub for all Foundation operations within and surrounding the Baltic Sea.

Site-PL-101 is deeply rooted in the port town of Hel, Pommerania, Poland. Much of its businesses and surrounding areas are owned and operated by civilian Foundation subsidiaries or shell corporations. Additionally, a large majority of staff reside within the town, allowing them fast and easy transit to the Facility and Harbor.

After a century of management under the Council of Directors, Site-PL-101 was assigned an official Site Director. Agata Dąbrowska was sworn in on the 13th of January 2014 and remains in the position to this day.

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