Secure Facility Dossier: Site-PL-69

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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Site PL-69

Official Designation: Baltic Deep Sea Research and Containment Facility

Site Identification Code: EUPLPM-Site-PL-69

General Information


Photo of Captain Schultz

Purpose: This facility was established in the middle of the 13 km deep Baltic Trench which was formed in unknown circumstances. The aim of the Center is to investigate how this Trench was created as well as the anomalies that inhabited it.

Founded: 10.04.2010

Location: A modern research complex in Baltic Trench.

Founding Director: Director Capt. Prof. Jędrzej Schultz

Size: Facility extends from a depth of 5,500 meters to the bottom at a depth of approximately 13,000 meters.

Anomalies Under the Jurisdiction of Site-PL-69:

ID Number Object Class
SCP-PL-216 Keter
SCP-PL-344-1 Apollyon

Site Layout

Alpha Sector

Located at a depth of 5500 meters, the smallest and both the oldest sector of the Site PL-69. Equipped with basic life support systems, a small laboratory and storage facilities for easy-to-secure anomalies.

Beta Sector

Located at a depth of 7,500 meters, the Beta sector, which is smaller than its predecessor, was created with the intention of being a warehouse part of the PL-69 Center. There are warehouses for food, equipment and everyday items. The Beta sector also has a dock adapted to support foundation transport submarines.

Gamma Sector

The Gamma Sector, which is located at a depth of 8,500 meters, is built as a residential part of the Site PL-69, it is here that there are sleeping places for the staff of the facility. This sector also has a laboratory, although comparable in size to that of the Alfa sector, but better equipped and more modern.

Delta Sector

The depth at which the Delta sector was located is 9500 meters. It was built after the previous two, at the same time as the Epsilon sector was built. This part of the Site is mostly prepared for the storage of actual anomalous objects with a higher level of threat. Equipped with a dry dock for the foundation's transport submarines, a modern laboratory and security systems, the sector is ready to receive most of the anomalous objects found in the Baltic Trench space.

Epsilon Sector

At the moment, the last sector of the Site, reaching the bottom of the Trench. Equipped with living space for staff, the most modern foundation laboratory and security systems that could be envied by some ground-based centers. This sector also has a server part that operates drones launched into the Trench space, and also stores the facility artificial intelligence, Nautilus.aic.

Staffing Information

Director Capt. Prof. Jędrzej Schultz

№ of Members: 34
Leader: dr. Tomasz Pobudzki

№ of Members: 13
Leader: Eng. Dheez Nats

№ of Members: 26
Leader: Susie Cricket

Notable Event Logs


Discovery of the Baltic Trench by the Foundation and the first expedition there.


Establishment of the Alpha Sector of the Site PL-69.


Establishment of the Beta and Gamma sectors.


The incident that damaged the airlock in sector Alpha, with no loss of personnel.


Discovery of the cave network inside the Trench.


Completion of construction and opening of the Delta and Epsilon sectors


The incident which resulted in the total flooding of the Alpha sector and considerable damage to its area, there are personnel casualties.


Dr. Siwiatlo and Dr. Cis discover the Fae ruins at the bottom of the Trench.

On-Site Mobile Task Force Units

MTF Gamma-9 ("Caught Herrings ")


Task Force Mission: Task Force Gamma-9 specializes in researching, exploring and initially securing anomalies located in larger bodies of water. The leader of the formation is captain Konrad Paziewski. MTF has 20 members in its ranks.

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