Secure Facility Dossier: Area-34

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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Mycological Research Area-34

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Specialized Anomalous Mycological Research & Containment Area

Site Identification Code: PLPDNA-Area-34

General Information


Satellite Image of Area-34 prior to the plantation of a concealing forest.

Founded: 1 March 1953

Founding Director: ██████ ██████

Location: Biebrzański Park Narodowy, Podlaskie, Poland.

Area Function: Anomalous Mycological, Mycotoxicological, and Ethnomycological Research & Specialized Containment, Anomalous Phylum Taxonomy and Mushrooming.

Size: 4.16km2

Anomalies Contained Under the Jurisdiction of Area-34

ID Number Object Class ID Number Object Class
SCP-005-KO Safe SCP-PL-268 Keter
SCP-PL-057 Safe SCP-359-JP1 Euclid
SCP-PL-127 Safe SCP-689-KO2 Safe
SCP-PL-166 Safe SCP-871-JP Euclid
SCP-PL-1733 Euclid SCP-1345-RU Euclid

Site Regions

Mycology Sector-Zeta

  • Office Area: For general administrative purposes, the office area houses the Research, Facilities, Human Resources, and Director's Office.
  • Medical Facilities: In case of an accident of either anomalous or non-anomalous origin, a state-of-the-art medical facility is accessible to staff (from 11:00 to 16:00).
  • Cryogenic Fungi Storage: Initially constructed for the sole purpose of containing SCP-1345-RU spores, the cryo chambers have recently been expanded with further storage space for anomalous fungi requiring cryogenic containment.
  • Specialized Fungi Habitat Enclosures: Custom habitats simulating the native environment of a specific anomalous fungus, assigned to objects that can only subsist within their naturally occurring climate.
  • Research Area & Laboratory: A sizable research area consisting of 3 laboratories for the purpose of thorough, efficient, and safe mycological, mycotoxicological, ethnomycological, and taxonomic research.
  • D-Class Personnel Barracks: A medium cell block consisting of 6 four-man cells. Two isolation chambers are available for use as punishment in case of insubordination.
  • Experimental Bio-Material Cloning Machine: After a development period of approximately 32 years, the "X-BCM" envisioned by Dr. Kondrat has reached a state of partial functionality. In this state, the device is capable of rapidly cloning non-complex biological material4 in vast quantities. It is believed future developments will eventually allow the machine to clone significantly more complex entities such as animals or even anomalous biological objects.
  • Primary Fossil Fuel Power Generator: A miniature Afşin-Elbistan D Coal-fired power generator constructed in collaboration with the Turkish state-owned mining company "Maden Holding" under the guise of mutual effort in fossil-fuel plant construction between the Polish and Turkish state.

Mushrooming Sector-Eta


Liquid Fungus Storage Tank E·1

  • Mushroom Liquid Storage Tanks: Due to the significant accumulation of fungi that Area-34 supervises, inside Sector-Eta both anomalous and non-anomalous mushrooms may be liquified to allow for significantly denser storage within twelve liquid pressure storage tanks, designated E·1-12.
  • Industrial Mushroom Storage Freezers: For anomalous and non-anomalous mushrooms deemed valuable enough to retain in solid form for potential future use.
  • Cafeteria Lounge: A mess hall where a variety of (primarily mushroom-based) meals are made available to staff throughout the day.
  • Miscellaneous Fungi Storage: For containment of low-value anomalous fungi5 or safe-class fungi that do not require extensive special containment procedures.
  • Industrial Mushroom Disposal Furnace: If the facility is above capacity of low value or medium value fungi, some may be disposed of to clear up storage space for objects of a higher value.

Security Sector-Theta

  • Surveillance Center: A restricted section of Sector-Theta only accessible to Administrative personnel, here the entirety of Area-34's surveillance system can be accessed. This system is composed of a Passive Infrared motion detection perimeter and several camouflaged cameras within the forest, placed deliberately to minimize any surveillance blind spots.
  • Mobile Task Force Barracks: Comfortable living quarters for the Area's on-site MTF where they may rest while not out on deployment.
  • Armory: Here security personnel are able to maintain, repair, and store their assigned weaponry. The armory holds a large assortment of different weapons for use by the mobile task force or by security personnel in extenuative circumstances, these weapons include:
    • Handguns
    • Anti-material rifles
    • Sniper rifles
    • Designated marksman rifles
    • Assault rifles
    • Carbines
    • Shotguns
    • Submachine guns
    • Light machine guns
  • Janitor Closet: Here all necessary janitorial items are kept for convenient retrieval when needed, these items include:
    • Vacuum Cleaners (Wet & Dry)
    • Floor Auto Scrubbers
    • Carpet Shampooers, Extractors, & Steamers
    • Rotary Floor Machines
    • Pressure Washers
    • Hoses & Hose Reels
    • Foggers
    • UVC Lights
    • Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers
    • Air Blowers & Carpet Dryers
    • Electrostatic Sprayers
    • Portable Generators

Area Substructure

  • Under Construction.

Staffing Information

Area Director:
Ferdinand Churchill

Deputy Site Director:
Dominika Dawidowska

Human Resources Delegate:
Prof. Anatol Klecha

Facilities Superintendent:
Bartłomiej Skupien

Area Head Mycologist:
Dr. Kondrat Zaluski (ALM)

Area Head Taxonomer:
Dr. Waldemar Wozniak (Th.D)

Containment Specialist:
Dr. Wiktoria Karp

Chief of Security:
Agent Director6 Sir Dr. Galat

Chief of Inquiry:
Remigiusz Szczepaniak

Commander of Task Forces:
Captain Agent Director7 Sir Dr. Galat

Ethics Committee Liaison: N/A8


Area Director, Ferdinand Churchill.

On-Site Personnel:            

Staff Doctors: 22             

Staff Researchers: 58        

Administrative Personnel: 19

Maintenance or Janitorial: 11 

Security Personnel: 44            

D-Class: 24           

Other Personnel: 36       

Total Population: 222          

On-Site Mobile Task Force


Mobile Task Force Shrigma-34 ("Fun Guys!")

A nine-man squad of expert mycologists highly trained in field operations focused on the uncovering, interception, and containment of mycological anomalies. On occasion may also be dispatched to confront events involving GoI-571-20. When not on deployment the task force additionally serves as a defensive and janitorial force for its Headquarters, Mycological Research Area-34.

Recent Notable Incidents

Area History

As his final order, Area-34 was founded by ██████ ██████15 on the 1st of March 1953 before suffering a cerebral hemorrhage the same day, which would 4 days later result in his death.

The Area was envisioned by the Overseer who saw the need for a biological containment and research facility in eastern Poland due to its extremely significant supply of anomalous fungi, which had caused several public incidents, amplified by Poland's high participation rate in the act of mushrooming. During the Soviet and German invasion of Poland during the second world war, this had been especially prevalent, exposing many soldiers on all sides to the effects of anomalous mushrooms.

To reduce the rate of public exposure and to further increase Foundation understanding of anomalous fungi objects, Area-34 began construction shortly after the death of the Overseer in a Biebrzański Park Narodowy forest, its exact location only disclosed to personnel assigned to the facility. Construction concluded 2 years later on the 7th of October 1955 under the supervision of Area Director Demyan Popov.

Highly modern at the time of its construction, Area-34's structure and equipment have become comparatively outdated to most Foundation facilities, the most recently assigned Area Director, Ferdinand Churchill instead focusing spending on the extensive gathering and research of a truly extreme variety of anomalous fungi.

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