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Ring, Ring, We are unable to take your call. Please leave a message after the-

Last night, my wife left the house with my children.

There's no one left around me. After my business that I invested all my money went bankrupt, money left me first, then my employees, my friends, and my wife and children. My parents left this world a long time ago. I was planning to support them if my business turned out well…

I don't have much time left in this house. I have to leave the house because I can't pay rent. No, is it rather the house leaving me? Whatever it is, it doesn't change the fact that I don't have anywhere to stay. Squatting at the corner, thinking what more there is to leave from me, the empty house seems so empty today. The walls, the door, the window, and the few pieces of furniture I have. They seem so far away today.


I hear something wet hit the floor. It's not raining outside. I look up to see if there is a leak and notice half of my vision is gone. I am opening both of my eyes but I can only see on my right.


Now I hear something crawling and look down to see my left eyeball, nerves and vessels all attached crawling on the floor. The eye slowly crawls towards the half-opened door. I reach my hand out to it. I don't know how to put it back in my eyesocket but in my mind, my only thought is to grab that eye before it leaves me forever.


Another sound of something wet dropping on the floor and my vision is completely gone. It's my right eye popping out. It must be crawling towards the door as well. I sway my hands around only to feel and hear them hitting the hard wall and floor. The eyes leave me.

I can't hear now, but I can feel. The feeling of something slimy leaking out of my ear canals. They'd probably be the organs that allow hearing. I block my ears, but the wet feeling seeps out between my fingers like I was trying to grasp mud. I search the floor to get them back with no avail. Some of the bits I managed to grab disappear on the palm of my hand.

Something is crawling up my throat. I block my mouth not to vomit only to fail. The flesh that fills my mouth is squirming endlessly, and I have to throw it up with what was in my gut. I open my mouth and it crawls out for a long time. My mouth is empty. There is no tongue. I push my hand deep inside my mouth to find it and throw up. All the vomit that was once inside me leaves me.

And next the teeth leave. Next the nose. Next the earflaps. Next the feet, next the testis, next the liver, next the stomach, next the lungs, next the thighs, next the spine, next the heart, next the oesophagus, next, next, next, next, next…

Next my blood leaves me. I want to grab it but I can't. The brain that's supposed to command to grab, the nerves that relay the command, the arms and hands that execute the command all have left. There's nothing I can do now. I pray them to return. I pray for them not to leave me. But my money, my employees, my friends, my family, and my body left me. It is only me alone.

Last, my soul leaves me.

Event Description: ███ (Male, aged ██) disassembled in his own house without any prenotion. Witness accounts describe ███'s organs crawled out of his house and then disappeared.
Date of Occurrence: ████-██-██
Location: ███████, South Korea
Follow-up Actions Taken: Successful retrieval of ███'s left eyeball, heart, and tongue. However, other organs are yet to be found. Amnestics are administered to witnesses. Investigation of ███ before the incident is under progress.

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