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Gentlemen of Site 52:

Thanks to your help, our special computer virus was able to get into you stupid bureaucratic jerks' core database. The virus will completely destroy the database within one hour. You can spend your entire life repenting for your foolishness.

Did you a favour by cutting your communication links by the way.

Have a nice day,

05-G("G" means Game here)

When he saw this mail that mysteriously appeared inside his inbox, Ding felt as if his heart had been heavily stabbed by someone. "Your help" obviously refers to the document he just sent to Site-██ for review. Once this document gets into Chinese Branch database, the whole CN branch would be completely exposed to "05". "05" might even manage to obtain lots of information from Foundation HQ. And him, Ding, would be the greatest sinner in the history of the Foundation's CN branch.

All communication infrastructures were damaged at the time the virus was sent out. The agent just departed wouldn't be able to reach Site-██ within one hour. He would be able to witness the "great scene" of the collapse of database just in time. Even so, Ding still sent Agent Liu out there.

Ding himself stayed at Site-52 to arrange incoming works. After the collapse of the whole database, other GoIs (05 would tell them) definitely won't just stand by and wait till the CN branch gets their database fixed. The doomsday of CN branch was coming. Ding could even smell the stink from hell1. All he could do was to arrange the defence force and move those items inside Site-52 into the most appropriate containment chambers. Then he waited quietly for the incoming strikes.

Two hours passed but Ding still didn't meet the strike in prediction. Instead, he met the agent he sent out and technical staffs of CN branch coming to fix the system.

"What happened?" Ding didn't forget to ask for the reason besides enjoying happiness.

"The database in the branch is safe… Dr. Tentacle said it is you that helped CN branch escape from the devastating attack. This is the thing he asked me to give you." Agent Liu took out a USB stick.

Ding opened the file inside that USB stick, frowning. The content is just what he had written before. The only difference is the addition of three lines:



- Tentacle

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