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It appeared at the moment when he was gazing up at the ceiling - lying on the bed, waiting to fall asleep. To be more precise, it took place in his sight at that moment. For a second they looked at each other and soon he asked:

"Who are you?"

He assumed it would have laughed as it spoke, and so the thing did. He asked again:

"What's your name?"

He felt like the name Taylor would fit in it. Surprisingly, as soon as he thought that, it responded:


"Why are you here?"

For fun?

"For fun."

He shook his head. It kept behaving as he assumed. After trying to understand this situation without talking for a second, he said:

"Are you able to read my mind?"

He knew it was nonsense, but things won't make sense if it wasn't. And so it repeated:

"I am able to read your mind."

Now he understood he was caught in something irreversible. He couldn't tell whether things were simply happening as he assumed or if it was really able to read his mind. Regardless, he allowed for the possiblity of either being true. As he continued, it would make him go deeper into the maze of his own thoughts. Because he was thinking so.

So he said:

"You said you are able to read my mind."



"You also said you're here for fun."



"So what's your name again?"



He felt butterflies in his stomach. It smiled at him.

"You're not gonna kill me, right?"

He was coming up with what he must not.

"Yes, I'm gonna kill you."

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