Agent Lylah Dears' Personnel File

Agent L. DEARS



Name: L████ D████████ E-233-FR-02 Lylah Dears

Alias: Pulse.

Date and place of birth: 07/24/1993: █████, France

Nationality: Franco-britannic

Hierarchy: Level Two (2) Level Three (3)

Domain: Intelligence Agency.

Position: Charged of information gathering about the group of interest "Are We Cool Yet?"

Specialisation(s): Infiltration.

Physical description:


Artistic representation of agent Dears posted in her room until the ██/██/████. Seized anomalous item After an analysis, it was established that the item wasn't a threat, and thus it was given back to Agent Dears.

  • One meter sixty-nine (1 m 69)
  • Sixty kilograms (60 kg).
  • Auburn hair - green eyes - freckles
  • Tatoo depicting an "On-Off" button at the bottom of her neck

Any infraction to the rules about the required outfit must be reported. It is advised not to trust a strict description of her physical appearance. Due to the nature of Agent Dears' missions, some "extravagances" are tolerated. Any abuse must be reported to the site director and will be punished.


Biography: Agent Dears' career is quite uncommon for the Foundation, since it is incredibly mundane.
Agent Dears holds a simple degree in language and doesn't have any particular abilities apart from excellent hearing, observation and reasoning skills. Some may even say that her recruitment in the Foundation was only due to a coincidence, since it followed the capture of an active member of the Serpent's (see Intervention Report MDS_GC_233).
Her ranking as D-Class was considered but her important cooperation joint to the valuable information she provided, especially regarding the group of interest Are We Cool Yet, lead Dr. Muse to request her induction as a Foundation Agent.
Almost all Agent Dears' circle of friends being more or less in relation with the anartists group, the request was approved.

When she is asked about the reasons who made her accept the proposition to join it, Agent Dears always answers that the Foundation scared her, scares her and will always scare her.

Psychological profile: Agent Dears shows an important honesty and empathy, which makes her very popular among most of her colleagues. Of a reserved and easily impressionable nature, her lifestyle is most of the time a lonely one, occasionally spending time with a few colleagues.

Distinctive signs:

  • Affected with the Gelineau syndrome or narcolepsy since her exposure to SCP-███-FR (see Recovery Log ███-██).
  • When not on a mission, she follows a regular training to improve her musculature and emotional control to counterbalance the effects of her narcolepsy that trigger during stressful episodes.
  • Shows signs of trypophobia

Opinions of Agent Dears' colleagues about her

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