Personnel Dossier of Dr. Caroline
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Caroline Sorti


Scientific department
Level 2 Researcher


Working on one of the SCPs, doing strange research or in her office, fantasizing about SCPs or, sometimes, working.


Physical Description: Doctor Caroline is a woman measuring 1.55 meters tall and weighing 50 kilos. She has brunette hair and her eyes are differently colored: With blue on the right and brown on the left. She is normally wearing glasses, though she loses them frequently in odd places, such as the bathroom, the testing rooms, or in a book as a bookmark.
The time where she was seen with a “lost” pair of glasses on her head and another pair of glasses on her nose is engraved in our memories.

Personality: Doctor Caroline is a serious person in her field of expertise, but outside of it, she will often be brought to act in an irresponsible way, which causes numerous worries with the O5 Council. Outside of this, she is very open minded and is ready to listen to everything that is said to her, though she does not leave her opinion aside, and she can go as far as to be very stubborn when she knows that she is right.

Before the Foundation:: She studied occult sciences before turning to the study of neuropsychology, obtaining her diploma in this field at 28 years old. She worked afterwards for six years with the support of a team of reduced size composed of twelve people who worked in a combination of her two domains of study.

Three years after the first results of Dr Caroline and her team, composed now of eight people (four had abandoned the project for ethical reasons), are contacted by a secret agency interested in their project and proposed to them important technical means to bring about an end to their tests.
In exchange, the organization demanded that the team didn’t divulge their results to the institutions mentioned in their contract.
It took three days for the doctor and his team to decide what to do, ultimately deciding to agree and to sign.

In the Foundation: We noted after her integration at the Foundation that Dr Caroline possesses an odd definition of the word “cute.” Generally, this word is, for her, associated with things that are far from being cute.
Therefore, by security measures, the locations of certain SCPs had to be hidden, regardless of her level of certification.
Dr Caroline is thought to have disappeared while researching the location where SCP-682 is.

After the event included in D-6542, Dr Caroline was killed by Kommissaer Mortarion.

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