Arianna Contadi's File
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Doctor Arianna Contadi

Director of Site Nettuno

Name: Arianna Contadi

Birth Date: 27/08/1972

Clearance Level: 4

Physical Description: 1.82 m tall; long, curly black hair; heavyset. Supposed to wear glasses since two years, but never puts them on. Has tattoos on both her arms, portraying her sons' names, an orange octopus, a blue whale and a purple manta, as well as a tattoo on the front side of her right ankle, portraying a trident.

Language Certificates: Italian (native language), English (B2), literary Arabic (B1), Spanish (B1).

Research Focus: Marine biology and geology. As the former captain of SSM-II, she has solid knowledge on scuba diving.

Career: SSM-II ("Legio Atlantidis") agent since 2001, becomes its captain in 2006, before becoming the director of Site Nettuno in May 2014, after her predecessor was dismissed.

Biography: Arianna Contadi was born in Termoli, Molise, but after her parents divorced when she was seven, she stayed with her father. He moved to Venice to work as longshoreman, taking his daughter and his two sons Italo (1970) and Elia (1976) with him. Thus, Arianna Contadi grew up in Veneto from 1979 and 1986, then moved to Liguria with her brothers. All three siblings tried to forget their mother; indeed, they were never on good terms with her and never saw her again, after following their father to Venice. Their father remarried in 1981 and two daughters were born of this marriage: Laura (1985) and Federica (1987), with whom Arianna and her brothers are on very good terms.

After graduating high school, Arianna Contadi enrolled in university in Naples. She graduated in geology and enlisted in the Neapolitan coast guard thanks to her knowledge and her scuba diving training. Enlisting in the coast guard was her dream job. The Foundation was told about her skills by the army and the Trieste Institute of Oceanography and recruited her in 2001. The director of Site Nettuno, G██████████ R██████, had her join SSM-II due to her scuba diving training and her ability to keep her breath underwater for a long time. Arianna Contadi became the lieutenant of Legio Atlantidis first and its captain then, following the [REDACTED] incident where director R██████ died. Eight years later, following the next director's dismissal, the S5 Superintendents' first choice as the new director was Daniele Lorenzini, captain of naval unit 1; however, he refused. Then captain Contadi was chosen, and became site director in May 2014, at the age of forty-one. She was reluctant at first, because she would have preferred to remain the captain of SSM-II. However, thanks to the researchers' respect and encouragement by her SSM-II comrades, she accepted.

Arianna Contadi does not call herself a doctor and keeps many habits she made in the coast guard and SSM-II. She manages Site Nettuno in quite the military fashion, which is why the working environment in the support area leaves much to be desired. She is very demanding with the site personnel and the agents of SSM-II.

Personality: With a passion for scuba diving and marine biology and geology, she often swims around the support area of Site Nettuno and regularly trains with SSM-II. She is not tactful at all and overly sarcastic, which angers many researchers, and she can prove mean. She has made staff members of Site Nettuno cry multiple times. She doesn not care in the slightest about the researchers who dislike being led by a woman. She often scares the newly hired researchers, both because of her physique and her temperament. She is still respected and admired by SSM-II. She is often called "admiral" or "captain" because of her "military" way to manage the site. She has no problems with being called a captain, for she thinks that title suits her more than a doctor's. She is experienced in her field of knowledge (geology) and sometimes act pompous.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • Back when they were younger, Arianna Contadi and her older brother Italo - now a ferry captain - used to protect their younger brother Elia, captain of SSM-VIII ("Subterranea Materia").
  • She has two sons: Alessio, born in 1997, and Emilio, born in 2002. They live with their father and know nothing about their mother's job, believing she is still in the coast guard.
  • She claims to have Venitian roots, but everyone knows she comes from Molise instead — her strong accent proves it.


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