Aurora Gemelli's File
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Aurora Gemelli

Captain of SSM-XI (“Stellae Errantes”)

Name: Aurora Gemelli

Birth Date: 19/02/1984

Clearance Level: 4

Physical Description: Caucasian female; 1.76 m tall; slender physique; broad shoulders; curly, light brown hair; hazel-green eyes. Has some freckles on her face.

Language Certificates: Italian (native language), English (C1)

Research/Combat Focus: Aerospace engineering, coordination of research and containment missions in outer space.

Career: She graduated in aerospace engineering as a member of the Aerospace Engineering Corps in 2006. She was recruited by the Foundation in the same year. She was an agent of SPeV-I at Site Vulcano from 2006 to 2009, lieutenant of SPeV-I at Site Urano from 2009 to 2011, and captain of SPeV-I at Site Urano from 2011 to 2014.

Biography: Aurora Gemelli was born in Catanzaro as the middle daughter of an accountant and a teacher. She spent a serene childhood, upset only by the family's intermittent economic struggles. She got one of her greatest passions, namely astronomy, from her father — he practiced it as an amateur and often took her with him during his stargazing trips. She graduated scientific high school in 2003, at Liceo Luigi Siciliani; she then decided to enroll in the Aerospace Engineering faculty. Since she did not want to be a burden for her family, she tried the placement test for the Aerospace Engineering Corps, shining in both the theoretical and practical exams, thanks to the sports she had practiced as a teenager. She then began her training and academic path with the other students of the 70th Flock "Giulio Cesare Graziani", at the Latina Military Airport.

She graduated with honors in 2006, then prepared to start a career in the AEC. During that time, the director of Site Vulcano had started a project to recruit soldiers who had studied engineering, so as to facilitate the synergy between scientific and military personnel. Aurora Gemelli was noticed by ULIS and recruited into SPeV-I. She soon became a highly regarded person at the site, establishing good relations with several researchers of SPA; one of them, biomechanical engineer Federico Reina, became her best friend and confidant. In 2009, she passed the placement test for the position of lieutenant and requested transfer to Site Urano, where an officer was needed. A couple of years later, when the former captain retired, Aurora was chosen to succeed him. In 2011, she met Dr. Samuela Cristoforo, a newly-hired astronomer and astrophysicist. They began dating and their relationship lasted two years.

In 2014, one year after the end of the expansion works, Area-54-INT began recruiting military personnel, so as to expedit the space exploration program and secure a timely response to extraterrestrial threats. The Italian Branch joined the initiative by assembling the new SSM-XI, and Aurora is deemed the best choice as its captain. Moreover, she persuaded Reina - who had already requested transfer to the station as a researcher - to apply for the position of the squad's flight engineer. Cristoforo also passed the selections as a common agent, but that led to a forced separation due to professional ethics. They both suffered terribly from it. At the end of 2015, after eighteen months of training patronized by ESA, team Alpha of SSM-XI was launched into orbit.

Personality: Aurora is a sociable, ambiable person, which has always allowed her to integrate into any new environment. The years spent practicing sports and training at the Academy made sure that teamwork became part and parcel of her philosophy. As a captain, she prefers to recur to compromises to solve conflicts — however, that is not due to a lack of rigour, but to a precise leadership strategy, given the squad members' forced cohabitation. Nonetheless, despite her undeniable aptitude for commmand, she tends to consider the squad a second family, which makes it difficult for her to make decisions in high-risk situations. Because of that, she is criticized by those who would prefer a more detached approach.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • She loves swimming and played water polo for four years, back in high school. She often goes to the swimming pool of Area-54-INT when she needs to relax.
  • She has three tattoos, portraying the Little Dipper constellation1 on her right shoulder, a comet2 on her left forearm, and the astrological symbol of Venus3 on her right side.
  • The frequent team-building tests which she imposes to the agents of SSM-IX are a tradition both feared and appreciated.
  • She regularly corresponds with the First Superintendent, who considers her an excellent intermediary to gain first-hand information on the internal balance of Area-54-INT.
  • The slogan of the 70th Flock (“Pro omnibus unus”) became her personal mantra.


  • «Good morning, sunshines. Everyone, go the zero G simulator in twenty minutes: I scheduled an exercise I'm sure you're going to like. Don't roll your eyes, Marzia»
  • «Fede, when will you come along for a swim? I promise a little rest won't kill you»
  • «I'm aware that someone doesn't approve of my hard efforts to keep my subordinates safe. However, I'm kindly asking you to observe this matter from another perspective, submitting your doubts to the Administrative and Financial Department. Do you have any idea how expensive it is to train a team of astronauts? Believe me, we're on the same side»4
  • «Since I was offered command of this squad, I've been taking into account the risk of being accused of favoritism and lack of impartiality. However, everyone can see that agent's merits and, if anything, what happened recently is tangible proof of her skills. Therefore, I believe that dismissing her would go against the interests of SSM-XI and the Italian Branch as a whole, undermining its relevance at Area-54-INT»5


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